NFL Combine 2013: Schedule and preview

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL Combine is finally alive with buzz, as prospects are rolling in for registration, medical check-ups and plenty of interviews.

The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine is underway, as prospects from around the nation are showing up for registration for the four-day trial. There is a lot of preliminary activity before the actual events can begin, hence the prospects showing up two days before the official kickoff date (Feb. 23).

According to, this is the official schedule for Thursday, February 21st:

Group 1 (PK, ST, OL) Group 2 (OL) Group 3 (TE)

Measurements - Medical Examinations - Media - Interviews

Group 4 (QB, WO) Group 5 (QB, WO) Group 6 (RB)

Travel to Indianapolis - Registration - Hospital Pre-Exam & X-Rays - Orientation - Interviews

Groups 7-11, which cover the rest of the position groups, do not report until Friday.

Thursday and Friday's events will mostly be behind the scenes activity. The real action does not begin until Saturday, when each position group will be participating in NFLPA meetings, psychological testing, bench press, interviews and an array of skill drills.

Much of the combine happens behind closed doors, but for the action on NFL Network, there are a few interesting storylines that could emerge today. Since this a big day for media and interviews -- particularly for offensive skill players -- Marcus Lattimore could demand some early attention.

Coming off a gruesome simultaneous ACL and PCL tear, Lattimore will not be physically competing at the combine. However, he will be in attendance, taking meetings and hoping to charm scouts with his high character and inspiring medical reports.

He will be relying solely on his game film and personality to win at least one team over.

This was a player that was widely considered a first-rounder before suffering that horrible season-ending injury. And despite the blow to his stock, Lattimore is still ranked top-5 at his position and expects to be taken in the draft. The talks swirling around him should be an interesting follow as everyone gets acclimated in Indianapolis.

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