2013 NFL Combine: Andy Reid wishes the best for the Eagles


Coaches come and go every year in the NFL. Some hold grudges, and some are thankful for the time given to them. Andy Reid is in the second group.

INDIANAPOLIS -- When new Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid stepped up to the podium on Thursday to address the media at the 2013 NFL Combine, he was asked about the team's quarterback situation, his impressions on Jamaal Charles, whether or not the Chiefs would re-sign or use the tag on Dwayne Bowe and pretty much any other question that you would expect a coach to answer about a team possession the No. 1 overall pick due to the fact that it finished the previous season with a 2-14 record.

He was also asked about the current state of his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, where he had been since he was hired in 1999. When asked about former Eagles quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmer's new role with Philadelphia and Chip Kelly's potential as the new team's head coach, Reid couldn't have been more gracious.

"Well, listen, I think Pat's tremendous," Reid said as he wrapped up his session with the media on Thursday. "And I think Chip is a phenomenal football coach. I think it worked out great forthe Philadelphia Eagles. I thought that was very important. I'd be foolish to tell you anything different than that. I care about ownership there, I care about those players, you want them to have the best possible situation that they can have so that they can win football games. So I'm very happy that they got Chip and Pat and the rest of the coaches they got. I thought they did a heck of a job of bringing people in and giving themselves an opportunity to win football games. That organization was way too good tome to feel any different than that."

Reid led the Eagles to the playoffs in nine of the seasons he spent in Philadelphia, including the 2004 season when the Eagles made their way to Super Bowl XXXIX, where they lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots. However, the eagles failed to finish with a winning record over the last two seasons and posted a 4-12 record, the worst in Reid's tenure with the team, in 2012.

In the same period of time in which Reid was in Philadelphia, the Chiefs went to the playoffs three times, losing twice in the wildcard round and once in the divisional round. If Reid can supply the same kind of success, both in the regular season and the post season, the Chiefs will have made the hire of the season. Considering Reid's history of success, there's no reason to believe that the Chiefs aren't in very good hands.

According to a humble Reid, the same goes for the Eagles.

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