NFL Combine 2013 results: Quarterbacks get official measurements


With the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine underway, the measurements from this year's quarterback class have been released from Indianapolis.

The 2013 quarterback class reported to Indianapolis before the end of the business week. With the NFL Scouting Combine underway, prospects have been busy with extensive interviews, medical examinations and physical measurements.

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When it comes to NFL quarterbacks, much has been made of the size factor. Ideally, the prototypical quarterback has a lean, 6'4" frame, with the ability to see over the offensive line and read the defense. However, there have been recent examples of successful quarterbacks that have been deemed "undersized."

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently broke the mold, joining New Orleans Saints passer Drew Brees. Both quarterbacks stand around 5'11" or 6'0", which according to scouts, is barely passable. Regardless, these two QBs make it happen on game day.

Player School Height Weight Hand Size
Matt Barkley USC 6-3 227 10.08
Tyler Bray Tennessee 6-6 232 9.28
Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech 6-2 212 9.08
Zac Dysert Miami of Ohio 6-3 231 9.18
Mike Glennon N.C. State 6-7 225 9.58
Marqueis Gray Minnesota 6-3 240 9.78
Landry Jones Oklahoma 6-4 225 9.18
Collin Klein Kansas State 6-5 226 9.28
E.J. Manuel Florida State 6-5 237 10.38
Ryan Nassib Syracuse 6-2 227 10.18
Sean Renfree Duke 6-3 219 9.08
Matt Scott Arizona 6-2 213 9.08
Geno Smith West Virginia 6-2 218 9.28
Brad Sorensen Southern Utah 6-4 237
James Vandenberg Iowa 6-3 226 9.68
Tyler Wilson Arkansas 6-2 215

However, this does not seem to be an issue in this year's draft. The shortest quarterbacks are 6'2", and there are 3 well-regarded prospects expected to be drafted at that height. Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and Tyler Wilson all expect to be drafted in 2013.

Then there is another highly rated prospect, Mike Glennon, who is the tallest in this year's class at 6'7". He is considered a moldable prospect at the next level, but might not be drafted on Day 1.

Though, at the end of the day, it should matter what these players put on film. As Wilson and Brees have shown the league, size only matters so much. NFL teams will be looking for leadership qualities and game day presence rather than drafting a QB purely based on measurables.

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