Pete Carroll focused on building young Seahawks roster


Pete Carroll isn't concerned with adding a big-named free agent but instead wants to keep replenishing Seattle's already-young roster with more young talent.

The Seattle Seahawks were seconds away from pulling off an upset win over the top-seeded Atlanta Falcons in the Divisional Round of the playoffs -- or an 'iced' timeout away. Despite the loss, the Seahawks were one of football's best stories in 2012, finishing 11-5 with an electric, young roster led by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll knows that Seattle isn't going to take anybody by surprise in 2013. Carroll and the Seahawks staff are busy preparing for next season, and that means building the best roster top-to-bottom as possible.

Speaking at the NFL Combine, Carroll told the media that he and Seahawks general manager John Schneider hoped to create a "very, very competitive roster as soon as possible." With 10 picks in April's draft, Carroll concedes Seattle will lose some players, as teams will "claim guys when we release is a little more difficult."

Carroll quelled the notion that Seattle was merely a veteran player away from defeating Atlanta last month, and instead of making a big free agent splash, Carroll wants to focus on "developing our team." Carroll noted that the Seahawks are a "very young football team, and we'll continue to go that way."

With 10 picks in the upcoming draft, Carroll will have no problem replenishing an already-young roster with even more youth. Seattle's first pick will come at No. 25. Last year, the Seahawks selected Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson with their first three picks and each had a major impact on Seattle's success.

If Carroll's first three picks in 2013 have similar success, the Seahawks could find themselves playing in the Super Bowl sooner than later.

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