Redskins offer to LB Lorenzo Alexander 'not close'

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Washington could lose a critical piece of its team due to cap concerns.

The Washington Redskins are trying to keep linebacker Lorenzo Alexander in the fold long-term, but so far the negotiations aren't going all that well.

According to the Washington Examiner, the two sides are far apart on a deal with two weeks until the start of free agency on March 12.

Alexander made the pro bowl last year thanks to his special teams work. The linebacker and special teams captain led the league in tackles on kickoffs and punts with 21 last season.

If Alexander isn't retained, it will most likely be because of the Redskins salary cap situation. Washington is hurting in that department after being docked $36 million in cap space due to penalties in the NFL's eyes. Alexander did say a hometown discount is available per the Examiner:

"I’m willing to take less for the Redskins, but they have to be close. They can’t be way off."

However, the two sides have agreed to continue talking in hopes that a deal can be reached. Losing Alexander would be a tough blow and something neither side wants, but the pro bowler knows it could happen. Per the Examiner:

"I want to be here, but if I have to go I have to go," Alexander said. "It’s part of the business. I came to grips with that a long time ago when I got cut a couple times. Once you’ve been cut you understand that anything can happen at any given time, especially when I’ve seen Pro Bowlers cut, Hall of Fame guys not re-signed so why couldn’t it happen to me?

"One of the sad things about playing in the NFL when you have guys who have been part of an organization for a long time and part of the community and then for business reasons you can’t come back. It’s something you have to come to peace with because it is hard and you have built loyalty with the team and a family atmosphere with the guys in the organization. With that said I have to worry about my family and myself and my future."

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