Super Bowl history: A roundup of some major moments around the league

Mike Powell

As we head into the 2013 edition of the Super Bowl, let's take a look back on a few memorable Super Bowl moments from football lore.

Super Bowl XLVII is upon us, and we can only hope the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers provide one of the best displays of football we've ever seen on this stage. The 49ers are certainly no strangers to the bright lights, having won all five Super Bowls they've participated in over the years.

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It's tough to fully capture all of the great moments San Francisco has experienced, what with Joe Montana and Steve Young dominating the competition for several decades. With that in mind, SB Nation took the time to put together a few Super Bowl breakdowns in video form, including a few teams that haven't been as fortunate as our two competitors this year.

David Fucillo over at Niners Nation started off by taking a close look at Super Bowl XVI. You've all seen the precursor to this game. Montana connects with Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone for a catch that we now know as "The Catch." San Francisco advanced to face the Cincinnati Bengals, ultimately emerging with the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history. That success in 1982 foreshadowed an unbelievable run by the Niners, as they won four Super Bowls throughout the 1980s.

Levi Damien of Silver & Black Pride took the time to analyze that debacle that has been the Oakland Raiders' history since their last Super Bowl appearance. After suffering a 48-21 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in Super Bowl XXXVII, the Raiders continue to struggle in finding the same level of success again.

Over at The Phinsider, Kevin Nogle gave a rundown of the five Super Bowls the Miami Dolphins ventured to. While the Dolphins captured two titles in 1972 and 1973, they haven't made an appearance since 1984. Their last Super Bowl against the 49ers resulted in heartbreak, and ended up being the only time Dan Marino led a team that far.

Ed Valentine of Big Blue View broke down the New York Giants' four Super Bowl titles. Surely we all remember their most recent triumph, as Eli Manning helped deliver his second title against the New England Patriots.

Brad Wells of Stampede Blue discussed Super Bowl XLIV and the nature of the Indianapolis Colts' loss to the New Orleans Saints. Peyton Manning's squad led 17-16 heading into the fourth quarter, but the game went downhill from that point on as the Colts suffered a 31-17 defeat.

Finally, James Dator from Cat Scratch Reader talked about the Carolina Panthers' lone trip to the Super Bowl back in 2004. After miraculously jumping from 1-15 overall to Super Bowl contenders, the Panthers eventually lost to the New England Patriots in their fabled run.

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