Super Bowl halftime shows: Help us choose the best and worst ever


Hey look, we're just like you!

Given that (A) SB Nation is a company at which people work, and (B) it is the Monday after the Super Bowl, many of our colleagues have spent some time Monday discussing the best and worst Super Bowl halftime shows ever. What follows is a transcript of a portion of that debate, which you should feel free to join in on at any point.

I did not participate in this conversation, as Matt Ufford began this portion with the only correct opinion in the whole bunch.

Matt U. 1. Beyonce 1A. Prince. No one else is even on the list
Justin B. i have a serious answer
prince, beyonce
Chris H. has left the room
Ryan V. um, Up With People?
Bobby B. agree justin
Spencer H. Yeah, Prince is a different thing
And I'll cop to U2 after 9/11, because Bono made me cry
Ryan H. yeah, was just gonna say U2
but i also don't hate U2 like the Internet
Matt U. ah, right. forgot about that one
Bill H. springsteen wasn't terrible
Spencer H. But that's cheating. Prince somehow managed to actually do a concert.
He did a goddamn Foo Fighters song because he wanted to
Ryan H. yeah, Bruce was good, AND had a crotch slide
Spencer H. Bruce wasn't bad, and I don't like Bruce at all

Bobby B. so who's the worst halftime show?
Spencer H. B.E.P.
Jonathan T. has to be janet jackson right
Ryan V. New Kids on the Block played it once when I was in high school ... i seem to remember it being pretty bad
Bill H. uh the answer is aerosmith with britney spears and N'Sync
that is the only answer

Bill H. it is the worst forever
Matt U. Bill is correct.

Justin B. so you guys are forgetting MJ's heal the world bit
because that was the worst
Matt U. MJ played in '93, after he'd gotten weird(er). Also, everything in '93 was the worst, so that's not fair.
Ryan H. The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash was bad
Chris M. full list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Super_Bowl...
Spencer H. Man, I forgot Ben Stiller had a role in this
Justin B. well the chronic was launched in 92

Spencer H. And Adam Sandler
Justin B. oh WOW look at 1990
Ryan H. Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Aerosmith, 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Nelly

Justin B. i don't know one act on there
Ryan H. good god
Justin B. LMAO 1991: Performer(s): New Kids on the Block, Disney characters, Warren Moon, 2,000 local children, audience card stunt
Spencer H. Seriously, I'm not minding N'Sync here.
Justin B. "audience card stunt" <<<------
Bobby B. how did warren moon sneak in there?
can he sing?
Spencer H. He's had a few hits.
Justin B. there's no way this is real
1993 Performer(s): Gloria Estefan with Olympic Figure skaters Brian Boitano & Dorothy Hamill
Ryan H. 1995: Patti Labelle, Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood, Teddy Pendergrass, Tony Bennett, Arturo Sandoval, Miami Sound Machine
Matt W. can warren moon sing? apparently you've missed his traveling cabaret show
Sharp it's basically our Fake VH1 concert brought to life
Bobby B. he should change his name to warren croon
Luke Z. "Moon Over Miami" is an incredible homage to South Beach's nightlife.
Justin B. this all makes the MJ thing look magnificent!
Spencer H. I'm five minutes in. N'Sync is not the weak link here.
Ryan V. Holy shit Ella Fitzgerald did one

This is where you come in! Please give us your three best and three worst. Or any number you'd like. I'm not your boss.

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