2013 Super Bowl: Former 49ers Bill Romanowski, Dwight Clark say Randy Moss had 'alligator arms'

Christian Petersen

Former 49ers Bill Romanowski and Dwight Clark said that Randy Moss had "alligator arms" on a play that saw Colin Kaepernick intercepted by Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed in Super Bowl XLVII.

The San Francisco 49ers utilized a complete team effort to go out and lose Super Bowl XLVII, falling to the Baltimore Ravens and falling short of Lombardi Trophy No. 6. But there were a few stinkers in the game, as noted here by Niners Nation, and one of those stinkers was wide receiver Randy Moss.

In the second quarter, San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick let a pass get away from him a little bit, throwing high to Moss, who neglected to even make a play for the ball, or a play to tackle Baltimore safety Ed Reed, who easily picked off the pass.

Many believe that Moss didn't do what he could on the play, including former 49ers Bill Romanowski and Dwight Clark, as noted by Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

Romanowski and Clark were on the set of Comcast's post-game show, and Romanowski said that Moss "alligator armed" the pass, in that he didn't extend for the ball. "He said he was the best receiver in the damn world -- OK, you hear me? Oh God! That's what pisses me off! You're playing in the Super Bowl, guys! The Super Bowl!" Clark said.

Clark then said that Moss didn't even alligator-arm it, because he "didn't even reach up for it." Romanowski then added that the one thing you "cannot have in the Super Bowl is lack of effort."

Of course, Clark is known for the iconic "The Catch" play in which he snagged victory from the jaws of defeat in the form of an impossibly high Joe Montana pass in the end zone. He knows a thing or two about effort.

Both men are echoing the sentiments of many 49ers fans. Moss spent media week talking about how he is the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game, and lamenting his role with the 49ers, suggesting that he wouldn't be back with the team because he "likes to be out there playing football."

On Sunday, the 49ers gave Moss a bigger role than they've given him all season, and predictably, it backfired. Moss hasn't been an asset to any team in years, and the play referenced above was just one of many in which he seemed to demonstrate a lack of effort. He wasn't the catalyst for a San Francisco loss, of course, but he was definitely one key piece.

When the 49ers signed Moss, it was very clear he was to be a decoy and nothing more. Injuries to Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams, plus a lack of development from rookie first-round pick A.J. Jenkins thrust Moss into the role of No. 3 target, behind Michael Crabtree and tight end Vernon Davis.

Smart money is on him not being back with the 49ers next year, in what we'll call a "mutual parting."

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