Joe Flacco should be highest paid quarterback in NFL, according to agent

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl MVP wants $20 million per season.

The agent of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said the latest Super Bowl MVP should be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, according to Brian Schactman of CNBC.

Joe Linta's biggest job this offseason is getting a contract that Flacco will be happy with. Flacco has said for years he belongs in the NFL's class of elite quarterbacks. Flacco wants "Drew Brees money" and his agent is set to do just that:

When asked whether Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, Linta simply said: "YES."

That would mean more than the $18 million Denver paid Peyton Manning this season, or the $20 million a year that Drew Brees is averaging in New Orleans.

He's younger than both. He's won as much as they have. And Flacco is just heading into the peak of his career.

"When you do a contract of this magnitude, you look at what is the player's body of work presently," Linta said. "And what are the expectations going forward over the next four, five or six years.

"Joe wins on both accounts."

Baltimore Beat Down writes that Ravens fans can sleep easily knowing Flacco wants to be a "Raven for life."

Before the 2012 season started, no one was quite sure what Flacco was capable of. This season was the season for Flacco to prove himself. A near-perfect playoff performance and a Super Bowl trophy later, Flacco firmly put himself toward the top of that elite list.

Now, he wants a new contract.

Before Flacco even brought a Super Bowl trophy to Baltimore, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said he wants to re-sign the gunslinger to a long-term deal. Now, after all the success, it's going to cost Newsome's team in the $18 million to $20 million range per season to bring back its Super Bowl MVP.

The highest paid quarterback in the NFL is the New Orleans Saints' Brees, who has a long history of being one of the NFL's best. Brees has thrown for at least 4,300 yards in each of the last seven seasons and has led the NFL in touchdown passes four times. Flacco has never done either of that. Not once.

In his fifth season this year, Flacco threw for a career-high 3,817 yards and 22 touchdowns. He had just 10 interceptions, which tied a career-best mark.

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