Percy Harvin trade: Christian Ponder was the final straw

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Percy Harvin had his fair share of issues in Minnesota, but it was his criticism of Christian Ponder which reportedly led to his departure from the Vikings.

From contract disputes to heated exchanges with the head coach, Percy Harvin was involved in a few incidents during his career with Minnesota. The final straw in Harvin's Vikings career was his criticism of quarterback Christian Ponder, according to a report from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

Cole's report cites two sources who say Harvin's criticism of Ponder was "the straw that broke the Vikings' back." Harvin did not voice his displeasure with Ponder publicly. A report in February indicated Harvin's frustrations were with the Vikings passing game in general and not specifically Ponder, but that apparently was not the case.

For his part, Ponder remained supportive of Harvin during the most recent contract dispute. In a radio appearance, Ponder said the two had a good relationship and Ponder said he and the players wanted Harvin to return next season. Even though he may not have voiced his displeasure publicly, it's not hard to see why Harvin may have been frustrated with Ponder's performance. Ponder averaged 6.08 yards per attempt last season, the second-lowest of any qualified player.

With his trade to Seattle, Harvin shouldn't have any complaints about his quarterback. Russell Wilson averaged 7.93 yards per attempt last season, the fourth-highest average in the NFL. Harvin will find some familiar faces in Seattle. He played with wide receiver Sidney Rice with the Vikings and was coached by offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Harvin will also join a contingent of Seahawks from Virginia which includes Wilson, fullback Michael Robinson and safety Kam Chancellor.

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