Percy Harvin trade: Contract details surface following trade

Stephen Brashear

Percy Harvin reportedly wanted a contract similar to Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, but instead he will sign a deal in line with the second tier of wide receivers.

During his contract dispute with the Vikings, Percy Harvin was rumored to be in search of a contract comparable to the mega deals signed by Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson. Following his trade to Seattle, Harvin will sign a six-year deal which puts him in the second-tier of wide receiver contracts, according to Pro Football Talk.

Harvin's new deal will be worth $67 million over six years with $14.5 million fully guaranteed. Another $11 million is guaranteed only for injury. While the deal will still make Harvin among the highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL, it will put him well behind the average salaries of Johnson and Fitzgerald. An average annual salary of $11.17 million would make Harvin the fifth-highest paid wide receiver, according to Spotrac.

The fully guaranteed money in Harvin's deal is also considerably less than some other top wide receivers. Mike Wallace, who signed with Miami on Tuesday, received $30 million as part of his five-year $65 million deal. Harvin's contract is very similar to the deal Dwayne Bowe signed with Kansas City earlier this month. Bowe signed a five-year deal worth $56 million with $15 million guaranteed.

According to Pro Football Talk's report, Harvin receives a $12 million signing bonus with his 2013 base salary of $2.5 million also guaranteed. Harvin's 2014 base salary of $11 million will become fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2014 waiver period. In all, Harvin will earn $36 million over the first three seasons of the deal.

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