Steve Breaston considering knee surgery, according to report


Steve Breaston is considering undergoing the Regenokine treatment on his knee, to help alleviate early arthritic symptoms.

Free agent wide receiver Steve Breaston is considering undergoing a procedure on his knee known as the Regenokine treatment, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The treatment would alleviate early arthritic symptoms, and repair knee inflammation. Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill and Alex Rodriguez underwent the same treatment. The procedure, which would take place in Germany, involves creating a serum to inject into the knee.

During the procedure, a small cup of blood is removed from the patient, and then it is incubated at a slightly elevated temperature and spun in a centrifuge to make serum that's injected to combat inflammation that may resolve the player's irritation.

Breaston recently visited with the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, but did not sign a contract. Per Schefter, Breaston could sign a one-year deal with Pittsburgh, but is believed to be seeking a multi-year deal.

2012 marked the worst year of Breaston's career -- his second and final season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Breaston played in just 10 games, and had 7 receptions for 74 yards. Breaston was inexplicably left inactive toward the end of the season, despite being healthy.

Prior to 2012, Breaston had been a dependable receiver throughout his career. Breaston's best season was in 2008, when he caught 77 passes for 1,006 yards, while helping the Arizona Cardinals reach their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Since Breaston was released by the Chiefs, he is eligible to sign with a team at any time, and does not need to wait until free agency opens on Mar. 12.

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