NFL March Madness: No. 4 'C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets' vs. No. 5 'Trent Richardson Jumps Around'

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C.J. Spiller made the Jets look silly, but then again, they're the Jets. Trent Richardson did the same against the Chargers and even got an assist from an offensive lineman. Who will advance?

South Region -- First Round

South regional bracket

(4) C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets


(5) Trent Richardson Jumps Around

(4) C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets

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The Jets had their issues in 2012, but that doesn't make this C.J. Spiller 68-yard run any less impressive.

Spiller ran through two arm tackles at the line of scrimmage, allowing him to get into open space. He cut to the middle of the field and a pair of Jets had him in their sights. Spiller shot the gap to slip by as Bart Scott and LaRon Landy collided into each other. From there, it was no contest, and Spiller jogged into the end zone.

(5) Trent Richardson Jumps Around

Watch this play at

With a few nifty moves and some power, Trent Richardson was able to take a potential short gain and turn it into a 26-yard touchdown.

Richardson appeared to have nowhere to go on the draw play, but with a quick cut to the outside, he was able to avoid the first tackle attempt. Richardson's cut, however, took him right into the path of Jarret Johnson, who should have had him for an easy tackle and a one-yard gain. Another quick cut, and all of a sudden Johnson was out of the play and Richardson was into the open field.

Atari Bigby attempted to land a crushing blow, but Richardson shook it off easily. With a little help from an offensive lineman, Richardson was off to the races scored easily.

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