Bill Belichick refuses to comment on Wes Welker drama

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick doesn't have much to say about Wes Welker's departure in Foxborough. He's deferring to Robert Kraft to do the talking.

Wes Welker's contract breakdown in New England caused quite the commotion around the NFL community. Despite the ongoing war of words between the two sides, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn't adding any further comment to the situation.

Kraft says Welker was the team's first choice, noting his attempt to re-sign the 31-year-old wide receiver before bringing in Danny Amendola. He blames Welker's representatives for misreading the market and asking for too high of a price.

When asked about the Welker situation, Belichick simply deferred to Kraft's comments on the matter. "He was tough, competitive and very productive. I think what Robert [Kraft] said yesterday covered it pretty thoroughly. I don't have anything to add to that," Belichick said.

The Patriots made an attempt to sign Welker to a two-year deal, but he left for the Denver Broncos after failing to receive a contract that lived up to his expectations. Negotiations broke down last summer as well.

A statement from Athlete's First, Welker's reps, said the Patriots made one "take it or leave it" offer right before free agency officially began. The statement released also explains New England would not negotiate on any of the terms, even when presented with a counter offer similar to the initial proposal.

Kraft believes the Patriots went over what was considered market value in offering Welker a new contract. He continues to point the finger at Welker's agents, while they're pointing right back. Both sides believe they are in the right (of course), so the truth among the negotiations will likely never be fully known.

Belichick isn't much for conversation, regardless of the topic. He'll keep letting Kraft do the talking while he manages the players he's given to work with.

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