NFL March Madness: No. 4 'Golden Tate Goes Airborn' vs. No. 5 'Santana Moss Up and Over'

Stephen Brashear

Santana Moss jumped over a guy and still made it into the endzone, but Golden Tate pulled off a one-footed juke move and helicoptered into the endzone. Which was better?

North Region -- First Round

North regional bracket

(4) Golden Tate Goes Airborn


(5) Santana Moss Up And Over

(4) Golden Tate Goes Airborn

Skip ahead to 2:10 or watch the play at

Judging by this 11-yard touchdown, Golden Tate was likely an excellent hop scotch player as a kid.

Tate caught the screen pass and avoided the first tackle attempt with ease. Two Viking defenders had him in their sights, but Tate executed one of the best one-footed juke moves you'll see. A hop-step to the inside sent the two Viking defenders crashing into each other. Tate then attempted to leap into the endzone and ended up pulling off a John Elway-esque pinwheel as he fell into the endzone.

(5) Santana Moss Up And Over


Photo credit: Patrick Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Watch the play at

Santana Moss isn't usually known as a player who jumps above others to make catches or runs through tackles, but that is exactly what he did on this 61-yard touchdown. RGIII threw up an arm punt and despite being in worse position, Moss jumped above Kurt Coleman to haul in the pass.

Moss made the catch at the 5-yardline and was immediately wrapped up by Brandon Bokin, but Moss was able to break through the tackle and dive/twist into the endzone. Not bad for a player who is generously listed at 5'10 and 189 pounds.

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