Tim Tebow's QB coach is tired of his other QB coach 'getting credit'

Dennis Gile

They all agree that the Jets backup is ready to be a starter again, but they can't agree on who deserves the credit.

Quarterback guru Steve Clarkson has been in the media recently claiming that Tim Tebow is ready to be an NFL starter. Clarkson's assertion has another pair of quarterback tutors who worked with the signal-caller this past offseason calling foul.

Dennis Gile is a former NFL, CFL, and Arena League quarterback who worked alongside his partner Mike Giavondo with Tebow for three months in Scottsdale, Ariz., after the end of the league year. He says Clarkson only came down for one day, but now he is getting all the credit.

Clarkson said that he was merely an adviser for Tebow, not a coach. However, that is not how some have read the situation. Giavondo and Gile want their due.

"We are getting tired of Clarkson taking credit for guys, going on radio stations," Gile told SB Nation on Thursday afternoon. "I don't want to get in a war with him. We put in a lot of time and effort for nothing to really help this guy. (Tebow) became a good friend of ours, and he is a good guy."

Gile doesn't question Clarkson's ability to coach. Instead, Gile believes he has a better perspective based on his own experience.

"I've played there (the NFL). Steve Clarkson has never played in the NFL. I'm not trying to say anything bad about him, but he is not Tebow's coach."

Giavondo and Gile worked with Tebow for "two to four" hours a day at no cost to the player. Gile added Tebow is one of "the most dedicated, hardworking guys" he has come across and showed major improvement over the course of the past three months. Former NFL quarterbacks Steve Young and Jim Zorn came down to visit Tebow as he worked with the Arizona pair. Gile said Young's reaction says it all.

"Steve Young's mouth was hitting the floor," Gile said. "'Wow, you got it!' is what he said exactly."

How did Gile and Giavondo get connected to one of the NFL's most polarizing stars? The two have worked with top quarterbacks at every level, including Duke's Sean Renfree and UCLA's Brett Hundley. Gile is close to UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone, who set the two parties up for the offseason workouts. The two sides aren't done, either. They are scheduled to continue their work together after Tebow returns from Jets camp in June.

Gile is not shy in talking about Tebow's improvement. Like Clarkson, he believes that Tebow is ready to play in the NFL.

"It was a lot work and effort and trust to get him to change his mechanics," Gile added. He's confident that Tebow will do well when given a chance.

And what if Tebow gets a chance and doesn't succeed? Who takes the blame then?

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