Roger Goodell: NFL Draft could move to May next season

Chris Trotman

The NFL Draft will begin Thursday, but fans may have to wait even longer for the draft to arrive next season.

Roger Goodell hasn't been shy about wanting to change the NFL offseason schedule, but the 2014 NFL Draft may be pushed back, even without schedule changes for the rest of the offseason events.

During an appearance on the Rich Eisen Podcast, Goodell said the NFL may be forced to move the 2014 NFL Draft date to May because of a potential scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall. The NFL has held the draft at Radio City Music Hall since 2006, but an Easter event could make the venue unavailable during the last weekend of April.

"We're actually getting bumped by the Easter bunny," Goodell said. "They're going to have an Easter show. We'll be prepared for that."

Instead of changing venues, the draft would be pushed back a week or more on the schedule. Goodell, however, didn't rule out the possibility of moving venues in the future, possibly even moving the draft, or parts of it, out of New York. He said the league has considered moving the draft to another city several times, and it's still an option on the table. The draft currently spans three days, and Goodell said it's possible the league could move the second night of the draft to another city while still holding the first round in New York.

While no major changes will occur this year, there will be a minor tweak to the 2013 NFL Draft. Media members will no longer tip picks, either on the television broadcasts or on Twitter. Goodell said after talking to fans and teams, this was something everyone seemed to want.

"Let's create that suspense," Goodell said. "Let's make sure the announcement happens at the right time."

No matter where or when it's held, the NFL Draft will continue to be the marquee event of the offseason. The draft not only helps the NFL welcome more than 250 new players into the league, Goodell said it's a great event for teams and fans.

"It's probably the only day of the year every team gets better."

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