Tharold Simon arrested: '20 witnesses' say LSU CB did nothing wrong


Tharold Simon's agent immediately set out to do damage control after his client's arrest in the midst of the NFL Draft, reportedly gathering statements from 20 witnesses who say that the LSU cornerback did nothing wrong Thursday night.

Day 1 of the 2013 NFL Draft was not supposed to be eventful for LSU cornerback Tharold Simon, but it turned interesting when he was arrested Thursday night on charges of public intimidation, resisting an officer, and unnecessary noise violation while sitting in his car. Simon's agent Peter Schaffer immediately set out to do damage control, and reportedly told Pro Football Talk that he has "20 witnesses" who say that Simon did nothing wrong.

"I have spent the better part of the morning investigating this matter, including getting statements from over 20 witnesses," Schaffer said. "The witnesses corroborate that Tharold did nothing wrong, certainly nothing illegal, and he acted with dignity and class throughout the entire ordeal. I am 100 percent certain that no charges will be filed. We are looking into pursuing a lawsuit against the office for violation of Tharold's civil rights."

According to the police report, Simon refused to move his car for a police officer in his hometown of Eunice, La. Instead, he reportedly turned his radio all the way up, and threatened to have the officer fired if he tried to write Simon a ticket. In talking with PFT, Schaffer added, "I am appalled by the behavior of the Eunice, Louisiana police department."

The arrest obviously comes at a bad time for Simon, who is currently waiting to hear where he will begin his NFL career. He is considered a potential fourth- or fifth-round draft pick after intercepting four passes with 13 pass breakups as a junior last season. Unfortunately for him, Thursday's incident has the potential to hurt his draft stock.

Eunice is a town of just 10,000 residents roughly 90 miles from Baton Rouge. For now, the town is still planning to hold a ceremony for Simon on Friday night.

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