NFL Draft 2013 best available: Kevin Reddick among middle linebackers left


Four more linebackers took a call from a team in the second round of the NFL draft on Friday, although no middle linebackers were drafted in the third round.

Arthur Brown, Alec Ogletree, Manti Te'o and Kevin Minter all came off the board by the end of the second day of the NFL draft. What is left is a lot of potential role players but not too many diamonds in the rough.

Te'o was the first middle linebacker chosen, picked at No. 38 by the San Diego Chargers. The Cardinals took Kevin Minter at No. 45 and Kiko Alonso followed immediately by the Buffalo Bills at No. 46. The Bears took Jonathan Bostic at No. 50, the last middle linebacker to have their name called on Friday.

Best available middle linebackers

1. Kevin Reddick, North Carolina, 23

2012 stats: 12 games, 85 tackles, 18.5 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, two fumbles forced

Reddick has a knack for getting behind the line of scrimmage, as evidenced by his 18.5 tackles for loss his senior year. He isn't the quickest individual in a long distance race, but has solid bursts of speed to close in on the run game.

2. A.J. Klein, Iowa State, 21

2012 stats: 13 games, 117 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 1.0 sack, one interceptions

Klein is has some of the better hands of the remaining middle linebackers, getting four pick-sixes throughout his college career. He isn't the fastest one of the group and has to make up with it by trusting his instincts, which usually are right.

3. Nico Johnson, Alabama, 22

2012 stats: 14 games, 55 tackles, 2.0 tackles for loss

Johnson's stats aren't eye-popping, but that is attributed more to the depth of Alabama than anything else. He just wasn't required to be on the field as much as most other middle linebackers. He can handle the strongside role in a 4-3 formation and isn't alien to a 3-4 either.

4. Steve Beauharnais, Rutgers, 22

2012 stats: 13 games, 82 tackles, 6.0 tackles for loss, 1.0 sack, one interception

Beauharnais is overshadowed by fellow Rutgers teammate Khaseem Greene, and lacks the speed to be a consistent pass rush threat. But he is a solid leader and a smart player who uses what he has, good strength in his lower half, to take down most runners he gets his hands on.

5. Vince Williams, Florida State, 23

2012 stats: 59 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 1.0 sack

Williams is an aggressive run defender who goes after the ball like a rabid dog chasing a squirrel. He posses a short and stout frame, which only contributes more to his angry style of playing.

Honorable mentions

Michael Mauti, Penn State
Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech
Tom Wort, Oklahoma
Will Ebner, Missouri
Nick Clancy, Boston College

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