2013 NFL draft trades: Matt Barkley headlines Day 3 trades

Steve Dykes

The Philadelphia Eagles saw the value in moving up for one of the draft's few solid quarterbacks.

Despite the late rounds of the draft equating mostly to depth, teams still looked to add valuable pieces. The biggest shock of the day came from Philadelphia, as the Eagles moved up to the first pick of Day 3 to land USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

Small moves dominated much of the day. Moving up a few spaces, teams showed their fondness for players — and were willing to give up the picks to prove it. Only the Pittsburgh Steelers made a significant future investment, as they gave up a third-round pick in 2014 in order to select Syracuse safety Shamarko Thomas.

Philadelphia Eagles select QB Matt Barkley with No. 98 pick

Traded No. 101 (fourth round) and seventh-round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars

On the surface, this pick seems surprising, but with Matt Barkley's short-pass accuracy he will find a place in Chip Kelly's dynamic offense. There were rumors the Kansas City Chiefs were looking strongly at Barkley with the 99th overall pick, which would have necessitated a trade. Ultimately, Andy Reid said his team wasn't interested. According to Chip Kelly, Barkley was too high on their board to pass up.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers select DT Akeem Spence with No. 100 pick

Traded No. 112 (fourth round) and sixth-round pick to the Oakland Raiders

Tampa Bay has been revamping the defense this off-season, and the addition of Spence continues that. He's a strong, run-stopping defensive tackle — and while he may not be much of a pass rusher, the pairing with Gerald McCoy will open up their defense further.

New York Giants select QB Ryan Nassib with No. 110 pick

Traded No. 116 (fourth round) and No. 187 (sixth round) to the Arizona Cardinals

A backup quarterback is valuable, and while this obviously poses no threat to Eli Manning, getting a good player to sit and learn is a luxury. By all accounts, Nassib should have been gone long before the forth round, and the Giants had no qualms about taking advantage of the situation. He'll be reunited in New York with his former left tackle Justin Pugh.

Pittsburgh Steelers select S Shamarko Thomas with No. 111 pick

Traded 2014 third-round pick to the Cleveland Browns

The Steelers were willing to give up the most in the third round, sending their 2014 third-round pick to secure Shamarko Thomas. He's small, but plays a lot bigger than his stature. He's been called a "poor man's Troy Polamalu," and it may be a convenient parallel — but it does have some weight. In a creative defense, Thomas will find a place as a roaming safety and playmaker.

Green Bay Packers select RB Johnathan Franklin with No. 125 pick

Traded No. 146 (fifth round) and No. 173 (sixth round) to the Denver Broncos

After waiting years to address their running game, the Green Bay Packers have landed two of the draft's top backs. They took Eddie Lacy in the second round, and made a move to get Franklin later. The two backs can complement each other, and with a strong running game life only gets easier for newly extended quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Seattle Seahawks select DT Jesse Williams with No. 137 pick

Traded No. 165 (fifth) and No. 199 (sixth) to the Detroit Lions

Questions about Williams' knees led to one of the largest falls in the draft. Once pegged as an elite nose tackle, Williams found himself in the fifth round. It's a case of the rich getting richer, as Seattle managed to add an excellent defensive tackle who can dominate against the run — provided that knee holds up.

Indianapolis Colts select DT Montori Hughes with No. 139 pick

Traded 2014 fourth-round pick to the Cleveland Browns

One of the best remaining defensive tackles, Hughes has drawn comparisons to Red Bryant of the Seattle Seahawks. He's a natural nose tackle who'll eat up space and allow others to make plays. The Colts already have a high-powered offense, and they needed to find a way to simply slow teams down.

Atlanta Falcons select DE Stansly Maponga with No. 151 pick

Traded No. 163 (fifth round) and No. 236 (seventh round) to the Chicago Bears

While Maponga may be on the small side (6'2), he showed a natural knack for rushing the passer. Maponga was most often double-teamed, but still managed to get 4.5 sacks last year. They needed more pass rush help after parting ways with veteran John Abraham, and while Maponga isn't a true replacement, he'll be part of the solution.

St. Louis Rams select RB Zac Stacy with No. 160 pick

Traded No. 184 and No. 198 (sixth round)

After letting Steven Jackson go, the Rams needed to take a running back in the draft. While they didn't elect to get one of the elite talents, they waited to trade up and take Stacy. He lacks elite speed, but has excellent vision — and an ability to hit gaps. With his skills you might mistake him for a dual-threat running back, but he does not have much talent in the passing game.

Houston Texans select OT David Quessenberry with No. 176

Traded No. 184 (sixth round) and No. 233 (seventh round) to the Oakland Raiders

Two of the most active traders this draft, the Texans and Raiders consummated another deal that allowed Houston to acquire offensive tackle Quessenberry. He's far from a perfect prospect, but has potential to become a left tackle at the next level with some work. The cost was low, and the upside is very high.

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