2013 NFL Draft results: Cowboys take RB Joseph Randle in 5th round

Brett Deering

The Cowboys finally picked up a running back, drafting Joseph Randle in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Big names continue to fall, even into Round 5. Picks 148 through 152 were dominated by college defensive stars. Meanwhile, the Cowboys finally added a running back in Joseph Randle.

148. Carolina Panthers: A.J. Klein ILB Iowa State, 6'1, 250 pounds

If you like your football old-school, you'll like Klein. He did everything for the Cyclones, from chasing down ball carriers to defending passes. Here's more:

Klein was a three-year starter for the Cyclones, and put up some prolific tackle numbers. He proved to be everything coaches like to see in a middle linebacker: Out-spoken, active, instinctive, fiery and downright reliable. Somewhat surprisingly, Klein turned out to be a pretty darn good pass defender as well. He had four interceptions returned for touchdowns during his college career.

149. St. Louis Rams: Brandon McGee CB Miami, 5'11, 193 pounds

McGee went to Miami as a blue-chip recruit, and he has the skillset to be outstanding in the NFL. That said, he fell to Day 3 of the draft for good reason:

That said, McGee never quite fully lived up to his recruiting hype at Miami. He was a bit inconsistent at times. Though he had a reputation for being an aggressive corner, McGee occasionally suffered from lapses in attention. He'll need to learn how to look back for the ball more often, or else be abused by pro-caliber wide receivers.

150. Pittsburgh Steelers: Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois, 6'0, 195 pounds

Like McGee, Hawthorne was a highly-regarded recruit coming out of high school. He maintained his tremendous physical tools with the Illini and was a solid starter at times. He didn't quite live up to the hype, however. Hawthorne is a tremendous straight-line athlete, but may lack the fluidity to stick at cornerback. Given his frame, a shift to safety could be in order.

151. Dallas Cowboys: Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma State, 6'0, 204 pounds

The Cowboys finally got their running back. Many expected them to address the position much sooner in the draft. That said, Randle is a potential difference-maker at this position. More from Cowboys Ride For Free:

Every play was an opportunity to see something incredible happen, and it reached a point where it became almost expected. From his "Welcome to The Boone!" opening 69-yard TD to him trucking DB's late in the fourth quarter, there seemed to be no limit to what Randle was capable of.

152. New York Giants: Cooper Taylor S Richmond, 6'4, 229 pounds

Taylor is massive for a safety, but despite his size he possesses excellent cover skills. Alfie Crow at Big Cat Country has a full breakdown of his game.

Taylor is an aggressive safety who isn't afraid to land the big hit while also making sure to wrap up the ball carrier. He makes quick decisions in coverage, picking up the back or tight end and closing in on them with surprising speed for his size. Taylor took to coaching well at the Shrine Game, often applying what the coaches were teaching him almost immediately. He seemed to be a smart player, rarely making any mental mistakes in coverage from what I could tell.

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