Cowboys draft Joseph Randle at the suggestion of T. Boone Pickens

Brett Deering

Joseph Randle's selection during the 2013 NFL Draft was borne out of a friendship between mega-rich people.

The Dallas Cowboys snagged Oklahoma State running back Joseph Randle in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. The pick was a good one for a team that has struggled mightily to produce a consistent run game in recent seasons. Randle was apparently a favorite of the Cowboys and owner/general manager Jerry Jones, who learned about Randle at the suggestion of Oklahoma State booster and billionaire T. Boone Pickens:

"We had a lot of great information about his entire Oklahoma State [career]," Jerry Jones said. "I respect and know the coach over there really well. Boone's one of my three or four best friends there are, and Boone gets you some information over there."

That Jones and Pickens are close friends is probably one of the least surprising things you've heard this week. Both men are incredibly rich, and have outward passions for both extravagance and football. That said, Randle may have been a savvy pick with the No. 151 overall pick.

Jones suggested that the running back will be expected to be the primary backup behind DeMarco Murray next season. Murray has had injury problems, and Jones called Lance Dunbar a "third back" suggesting that Randle will play a significant role next season once he is healthy. Randle is expected to be limited through OTAs and mincamp with a cast on his arm.

Randle had a penchant for big plays while at Oklahoma State. The SB Nation blog Cowboys Ride For Free wrote fondly of Randle's time in college. He also has a frame to potentially put on weight and carry a full load down the line. With Felix Jones seemingly on his way out in Dallas, there should be carries to go around.

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