NFL free-agent news tracker: Donte Stallworth's balloon crash, quarterback signings and more

Jonathan Daniel

There is plenty going on in the NFL right now despite the fact free agency has slowed quite a bit.

Baseball has officially begun and will take away some of the attention from the NFL, especially now that free agency has slowed due to the fact that most of the big-money free agents are gone. However, there is still plenty of professional football news to discuss.

Here's what you may have missed on Wednesday.

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Donte Stallworth re-lived the hot air balloon crash that nearly killed him and a friend in mid March, sharing the details of the ordeal firsthand for the first time with FOX Sports. The balloon struck power lines before it could be landed safely and Stallworth and his friend were actually on fire at one point.

The Bengals added a second backup quarterback to the mix by claiming John Skelton off waivers on Wednesday. They already signed Josh Johnson as Andy Dalton's backup and likely signed Skelton to add competition to the position. Skelton has started 17 of the 20 games he's played over the last three years for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Washington Redskins also signed a backup quarterback on Wednesday by re-signing Rex Grossman. Grossman, a former starter, has served as the team's third-string quarterback after Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. Grossman did start 13 games in 2011, though.

The Redskins also signed another quarterback who could serve as a capable back up by bringing in Pat White. White, much like RGIII, is an extremely athletic quarterback who could step in and run the read option in his absence if needed. White joins RGIII, Cousins and Grossman on the roster.

The Green Bay Packers are reportedly close to signing linebacker Clay Matthews to an extension that could possibly pay the talented pass rusher $13 million per year. Signing an extension that large would make Matthews one of the highest payed defensive players in the NFL

Aaron Rodgers reportedly wants his extension to be finalized by April 15. His deal, of course, could make him the highest payed player in NFL history as Joe Flacco won that distinction by signing a six-year, $120 million contract earlier in free agency. Rodgers and the Packers are reportedly $2 million apart on average annual value right now.

Nick Foles is confident that he can run Chip Kelly's new offense for the Philadelphia Eagles. Since speed was the key to Kelly's offense in Oregon, and since Kelly has Michael Vick on the roster, many may wonder what role Foles could have, but he stated on Wednesday that he can run any type of offense.

The Dallas Cowboys have re-signed wide receiver Anthony Armstrong, according to reports. Armstrong wasn't drafted, instead he made his professional debut with the Odessa Roughnecks of the Intense Football League and made his way through the Arena Football League as well before he landed in the NFL on the Dolphins' practice squad in '08.

Former Browns quarterback Colt McCoy left Cleveland quietly on Wednesday as he makes his way to San Francisco to serve as a backup to Colin Kaepernick. McCoy acted as a true professional, saying that he enjoyed his time in Cleveland and he wishes the Browns all the best.

Brian Banks, a former USC recruit, signed with the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday, making for an incredible story. Banks was at one time imprisoned for five years and spent another five years on parole after he was charged and found guilty of a rape that he didn't commit. The victim recanted her story, freeing Banks, a linebacker, to pursue professional football.

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