Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Buccaneers 'impatient' with Jets talks

Jared Wickerham

The Revis trade saga doesn't look like it's reaching the end anytime soon. Tampa Bay is getting tired of the ongoing talks with New York.

The New York Jets are still looking for trade to partner to ship cornerback Darrelle Revis out of town, but the only team with serious interest to this point is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, the Bucs are growing impatient with the ongoing negotiations for Revis, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

Reports of the Bucs looking to acquire Revis first leaked over a month ago. The two sides continue to go back and fourth over terms, but nothing has been settled over a lengthy time frame. It's easy to see why Tampa Bay is getting tired on the whole situation.

Cole also notes the Bucs are willing to trade a first, third, and sixth-round pick for Revis, along with handing him a $15-16 million contract once he arrives. If that's the case, what is causing Jets general manager John Idzik to hold off on making the deal?

Now the Jets are requiring Revis to show up for voluntary workouts starting April 15 in order to receive his $3 million in bonuses. He is currently rehabbing at one of his facilities in Arizona. His presence is around the workout program will only cause a media frenzy.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks New York is delaying the inevitable and questions the Jets methods. "Why invite mayhem into what should be a period of positive press," King said in regards to the upcoming workouts.

The Bucs are the only team pushing for a Revis trade. Unless Idzik simply enjoys having distractions on his team, it's unclear why he hasn't trade his star cornerback yet. Revis knows the Jets are shopping him. That's not an ideal situation for him to show up to workouts when his team doesn't even want to keep him for 2013. Tampa Bay might be forced to wait until next offseason to sign Revis when he becomes a free agent.

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