Dolphins not interested in Tim Tebow, according to report

Jim Rogash

You aren't the only ones, Miami. You're just the one we're talking about today. Will anyone want Tebow?

Less than 18 months ago, Tim Tebow was a playoff-winning quarterback for the Denver Broncos. As of Thursday, he does not appear to be any kind of quarterback for any team, and the Miami Dolphins appear to be the next in line to say "no thanks" to signing Tebow.

Which team will be next on the "no thanks, Tebow" free agent tour?

Despite earlier reports on Wednesday from agent Drew Rosenhaus that he "wouldn't be shocked" if the Dolphins were interested in Tebow, it seems now that he will have to be shocked. The Dolphins are keenly more interested in finding a starting tackle at the moment, and the Florida connection would not appear to be enough to push them into the level of signing Tebow. Will anybody?

Reports of NFL teams that are interested in Tebow appear to be shorter than a list of other leagues that could be interested in Tebow, which includes the CFL (where Warren Moon says he can't play), the lingerie league, and the Omaha Beef team of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.

All we know about Tebow's prospects in the NFL so far is that as far as playing quarterback goes, there don't seem to be any prospects. Released by the Jets last month, Tebow has quickly fallen from fourth-quarter hero in Denver to free agent that seems to get more rejection letters than fan letters. But just as possible is that teams never have to announce what free agents they aren't interested in, unless that player is Tim Tebow. There could be several teams thinking they'd like to kick the tires on Tebow as a backup or third-string option, or perhaps as a fullback or halfback if he's willing to make the change, but the only people announcing it to the press are the many general managers that get the inevitable Tim Tebow question.

Eventually, he could find a job in the NFL. It just doesn't look like it will be with the Dolphins.

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