Chris Mortensen: Peyton Manning will play at least 2 more years

Dustin Bradford

Peyton Manning's future was in doubt at this point last season, but now ESPN's Chris Mortensen thinks the Broncos' quarterback will play at least two more seasons.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will play at least two more seasons in the NFL, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Responding to a question on Twitter, Mortensen said that Manning will play "at least two more years, maybe more."

At this time last season, many were still doubting Manning's ability to come back and play another down in the NFL, let alone another season. Manning was coming off multiple neck injuries and subsequent surgeries, and the reports ranged from, "he's retiring tomorrow" to, "he'll play but don't expect anything more than five-yard passes."

Few seriously predicted he'd return to form, but return he did. Manning's 15th season was among his best. It was his 12th season of 4,000-plus passing yards, and his seventh season with at least 30 touchdown passes. He posted a 68.6 completion percentage and only put up 11 interceptions, which was better than nine of his 15 seasons.

Under Manning, the Broncos went 13-3 and had the No. 5 passing offense in the NFL at 283.4 passing yards per game. However, the team fell in double overtime to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs. Now Manning is another year older and has another 17 games worth of wear on his body.

At this point, it's hard to imagine Manning having a down season for any reason other than his body letting him down. Will that happen in 2013, or will he actually be able to play a couple more seasons?

That's anyone's guess, but the Broncos are definitely putting Manning in a good position to win, bringing in free agent wide receiver Wes Welker and drafting running back Montee Ball in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

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