NFL news roundup: The old Raiders are back, and Tim Tebow's Dad has something to say


The Raiders showed that old habits are hard to break, Tim Tebow's father had something to say, and more. Here's the NFL news from Sunday that you may have missed.

The Raiders have always operated as a bit of a rogue franchise. Their long-time owner, the late Al Davis, wasn't afraid to be different, and that attitude permeated throughout the organization. However, during the last decade, that attitude turned the team into a laughingstock, as Davis and his paranoia ruined the team. After he passed away, many thought things would return to normal in Oakland, but that may not exactly be the case.

Mark Davis, Al's son, fired the team's public relations director, Zak Gilbert, after Sports Illustrated went to print with an article that painted the Davis family in an unflattering light. This comes just weeks after long-time Raiders executive Amy Trask resigned. These moves may not directly affect the team's on-field performance, but it doesn't bode well for an organization that badly needs to be on an even keel.

Here's some other news from Sunday:

Tim Tebow's Dad chimes in on his son's future

Bob Tebow thinks you should pump the breaks on all those Tim Tebow retirement stories. It came out this past week that Tebow and his camp had essentially given up hope on continuing his career in the NFL, but that may be premature.

Tebow himself hasn't spoken publicly about this, so his plans are basically guesswork at this point. However, unless a team gets interested in him soon, continuing his NFL career won't be a choice Tebow can make by himself.

Falcons still looking at Richard Seymour

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said the team is still interested in the former Patriot and Raider defensive lineman Richard Seymour. Atlanta has already added free-agent pass-rusher Osi Umenyiora this offseason, and Seymour would be another good addition. He's been slowed by injuries recently, but they wouldn't necessarily be depending on him to be a three-down defensive lineman.

Delanie Walker undergoes MRI

The new Tennessee Titan picked up a knock on his knee during practice on Thursday and will undergo an MRI just as a precaution. The Titans would hate to lose Walker for a prolonged period of time, as he signed on to be the team's primary tight end this year following the departure of Jared Cook.

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