NFL news roundup: Carson Palmer and other potential breakouts in 2013


As momentum toward the season slowly builds, a closer look at some players is showing who might break out in 2013.

You can feel the pressure building for the coming NFL season, with teams starting to take shape and more and more players figuring out where they stand with their team. More than a few players felt like they didn't make the most of 2012, but 2013 might be different for some:

Carson Palmer and the deep ball

Carson Palmer will be starting fresh in Arizona, and his ability to throw it deep may bring a new dimension to the Cardinals' offense. Cardinals blog Revenge of the Birds has two detailed breakdowns of Palmer's ability and how the team might best take advantage, one focusing on 2012 and one looking beyond that. It's been a while for fans of quality quarterback play in Arizona, but it remains to be seen if Palmer can deliver.

Ed Dickson wants more in the Baltimore offense

Ravens tight end Ed Dickson knows he's playing with a high quality quarterback in Joe Flacco, and he wants more attention from the man. Dennis Pitta is a more favored target and it's tough to argue with results, but Dixon knows he can contribute. Ravens blog Baltimore Beatdown takes a look at Dickson's comments and how realistic they might be.

Is Mark Ingram a bust in New Orleans?

Mark Ingram rushed for 37.6 yards per game and 3.9 yards per carry in 2012, one a career low and the other a tie for a career low. Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles has some insight into what might have been, as well as how the Saints might best utilize their stable of running backs in 2013. Entering his third year in the league, Ingram may be running out of time to live up to his potential.

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