Verizon, NFL announce extension to stream games

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A four-year, $1 billion deal will feature significant upgrades to the NFL Mobile app.

Verizon Wireless and the NFL announced a multi-year extension to their agreement that will feature an update to the popular NFL Mobile app. Verizon is the official wireless provider of the NFL and is looking to expand the access of the live streams that can be had through the NFL Mobile app.

Beginning in the 2014 NFL season, the NFL Mobile app will be expanded to include access to live afternoon games on CBS and FOX within home markets, as well as postseason games and the Super Bowl. The new deal with the NFL will cost Verizon $1 billion over the length of the four-year contract, according to Sports Business Daily.

Nathan Ingraham of The Verge wrote about the new agreement that will see Verizon paying five times more than they did in their last deal with the NFL:

These new rights won't be cheap, however - Verizon was reportedly paying about $50 million per year, while this new deal will see the carrier paying five times that on average over the life of the contract. However, it's still significantly less than what TV networks pay for the right to broadcast NFL games. Last year, the NFL's TV partners signed nine-year deals, some of which pay nearly the same amount per year that Verizon will pay for the life of its contract. ESPN pays an average of $1.8 billion per year, while Fox and CBS both pay just over $1 billion per year.

It's clear, though, that the NFL is looking for the NFL Mobile app to stay truly mobile, as the service will not stream live games on iPads unless the user is also subscribed to Verizon FiOS or Cablevision cable service. It will also not support video over HDMI or Airplay.

More information on the NFL Mobile app can be found on the Verizon Wireless website and coverage of the 2013 season will begin on the app during the preseason in August.

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