NFL news roundup: Super Bowl lawsuit dismissed, Broncos preparing to punish executives

Tom Pennington

Quite a bit happened around the NFL on Wednesday, though none of the news was overly earth-shattering.

The NFL looked like it could be in world of trouble after many fans complained about Super Bowl XLV being oversold, leaving plenty without seats early in the NFL's 2011 championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NFL cleared one of its hurdles on Tuesday, however, when a class action lawsuit was dismissed.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn dismissed the lawsuit, which included hundreds of fans displeased over obstructed seats among other seating issues, saying that the issues are "individualized." This isn't the first time Lynn has stifled fans, however, as she'd previously dismissed lawsuits against the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones -- whose facility held the event.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs now plan to pursue individual defraud cases against the NFL.

Denver Broncos planning to punish front office executives

The Denver Broncos have decided to get out in front of the NFL, saying that they'll punish front office executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert before their cases are decided in court -- and, perhaps more importantly, before Roger Goodell's punishment is handed down.

Heckert and Russell were both charged with drunk-driving related offenses within the last month, leading Kyle Montgomery of Mile High Report to write the following:

The Broncos are looking at ways to hold these "leaders" accountable to these values as we speak. Hear, hear, I say.

Bruce Irvin switching positions for Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks will apparently move last season's first-round pick, Bruce Irvin, to linebacker next season. This despite Irvin leading all NFL rookies in sacks last season with a total of eight.

Field Gulls' Jon Benne believes the move is warranted, though, writing that it's "a better use of his talents than trying to make him a full-time defensive end" after noting Irvin's issues in run support and the fact that he was largely a one-dimensional player last season.

Bengals released former top-10 pick

The Cincinnati Bengals released Jamaal Anderson on Wednesday, just a little over a year after he signed a two-year deal with the team. The former No. 8 pick in the NFL Draft didn't get much of a chance to show his abilities to the Bengals, either, as he played in just two games last season before being put on the injured reserve with a torn quad.

Anderson was owed $2.5 million this season, $200,000 of which had already been paid to him by way of a workout bonus.

Jeff Saturday joins ESPN

Jeff Saturday, Peyton Manning's longtime center with the Indianapolis Colts, will join ESPN as an analyst next season. The former All-Pro spent spent his entire career with the Colts before joining the Green Bay Packers last season.

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