NFL news roundup: Nobody picked in the supplemental draft, and another Patriots player in trouble


July's supplemental draft lacked the pomp and circumstance, and it also lacked the selections -- meanwhile, the New England Patriots are continue addressing their players' off-field exploits.

The NFL held its supplemental draft on Thursday and nobody was selected, while the New England Patriots continue to be plagued with off-field issues this summer. Here's the top NFL news from Thursday.

Nobody selected in supplemental draft

Thursday marked the first time since 2008 that a player wasn't selected in the supplemental draft. The six players available had the somewhat-standard off-field issues that made them ineligible for their senior seasons. Unlike 2012, when the Cleveland Browns selected Josh Gordon, there wasn't a similar marquee name in the group.

The players are now unrestricted free agents, and can be signed by any team. As of Thursday night there was no activity on this front, as teams could be waiting to get into training camp before making any other moves.

Alfonzo Dennard arrested

It's been a rough month for the New England Patriots, and their second-year defensive back isn't making it any easier. While this certainly pales in comparison to what Aaron Hernandez has allegedly been up to, it represents another black mark on an organization known for taking risks on talented players.

Dennard's history was well known when New England drafted him. Once seen as a day-two pick, he tumbled down draft boards following an arrest for assaulting a police officer. The Patriots finally pulled the trigger, selecting him in the seventh round.

The Patriots organization released a brief statement on the situation late in the day.

Teams interested in draft dodger

Stony Brook offensive tackle Michael Bamiro is the first player to dodge the NFL draft. A series of quirky circumstances made his NCAA eligibility disappear, while also being unable to be selected in the supplementary draft.

Bamiro was seen as a potential mid-round pick in 2014, unlike the supplemental picks. A combination of size and reliability at right tackle had 22 teams interested in his workout Thursday, and Bamiro is free to sign with any team as a free agent. That signing hasn't happened as of Thursday night.

NFL to render judgment on Brent before training camp

This has been an offseason robust with off-field issues for NFL players, and the league is looking to quickly render judgement on Dallas Cowboys' defensive tackle Josh Brent.

Brent was infamously involved in a DUI that killed teammate Jerry Brown last year, and allegedly failed two tests for marijuana and one for alcohol leading up to his trial. The team is preparing for the season as if Brent will be unavailable.

League will remove players for lack of safety equipment

Player safety has been Rodger Goodell's utmost concern over the last two years, but this extended primarily to ensuring better concussion protocols are followed. Now the league will extend its player safety focus to knees and thighs, ejecting any player not wearing the necessary padding and equipment.

Many players choose not to wear leg padding as a comfort preference. It remains to be seen how this will affect the play of running backs and receivers who typically elect not to wear pads, as they'll be forced to find equipment that works for them.

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