NFL news roundup: Dolphins don't plan to sign Vonta Leach, Colts tight end suspended


All-Pro fullback Vonta Leach is still looking for a job, while Weslye Saunders will miss the beginning of the regular season. Here's a look at the biggest news from Thursday night.

It's rare that you'll find a former All-Pro with plenty left in the tank without a team in July, but such is the case for Vonta Leach -- whose opportunities are dwindling after a report emerged Thursday that the Miami Dolphins would not be signing Leach before training camp. Several teams had been interested in Leach, but Miami was his primary suitor up to this point.

Chances now increase that Leach could return to the Baltimore Ravens as time progresses. A late report out of Baltimore indicated that he could return, but there will be fences to mend for that to occur. The organization parted ways with Leach as a cap casualty in June.

Weslye Saunders suspended eight games

The Indianapolis Colts' tight end has been suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy. It's the second suspension of its type, as Saunders failed a similar test in 2011 when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Saunders' position on the roster was already tenuous, and Josh Wilson of Stampede Blue believes it may have sealed his fate, but that it's no loss.

I didn't think he was going to make the 53-man roster anyways, and now I doubt he'll even be around on the 90-man roster when camp opens in a little over a week (!). No, he won't count against the roster for the first 8 weeks, but still - why keep him? I thought that Justice Cunningham was going to beat out both Saunders and Dominique Jones anyways - so why would they keep Saunders if he's going to be out 8 weeks anyways?

Santa Clara DA will not pursue charges against Ahmad Brooks

The district attorney's office in Santa Clara, Calif. will not pursue charges against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks, doubting they could secure a conviction against the player.

It's alleged that Brooks struck fellow teammate Lamar Divens with a beer bottle in June, but despite securing reports from several players, Divens elected not to press charges, making it considerably more difficult for the prosecution to secure a conviction.

While the league may not suspend Brooks as a result, there's a chance the 49ers organization could issue a self-imposed suspension to dissuade this kind of behavior in the future.

Suspects claim Mike Adams started confrontation

Steelers' offensive tackle Mike Adams was hospitalized in early June after he was stabbed in an alleged carjacking. The defense began to make their case today, opening with the argument that the defendants didn't initiate the attack, but that Adams started the fight.

Little more information was given, as the defense lawyer said he didn't want to present his case to the media.

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