The day in camp: All eyes on the Eagles

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Trouble in Philadelphia, Tim Tebow things and plenty more to discuss as NFL teams start practicing.

Football is back, in training camp form. After a long offseason, we'll take it. On Friday, the world got its first look at Tim Tebow playing something besides quarterback, Chip Kelly's mystery offense, bad news for the Jets and a hostage situation.

Tim Tebow, utility player

Everyone got most of the Aaron Hernandez questions out of their system on Wednesday. On Friday, Tim Tebow assumed his place in the spotlight as the Patriots opened training camp. He did a little bit of everything, working with the quarterbacks as well as the fullbacks and tight ends.

Belichick was his usual tight-lipped self. Plans for Tebow remain as vague as they were in June. With Gronkowski hurting and Hernandez no longer with the team, Belichick has nothing to lose by giving Tebow a look at tight end. I've got a nagging suspicion that we'll be hearing more, plenty more, about Tebow in the days and weeks ahead. Oh boy.

J-E-T-S running backs grounded and pounded

Speaking of Tebow, it sounds like the Jets miss their top draw.

The Jets don't need Tebow's absence to turn fans off. It's already looking like it could be a tough year for a team in transition, a really strange transition.

On Friday, it was running back troubles.

Santonio Holmes is struggling to get healthy, and the depth chart at receiver gets thin behind him. And there's the quarterback situation. The one thing Jets offense has going for it is the running game. Between Goodson's legal woes and Ivory's ongoing health issues, that looks dicey.

Chip Kelly trolls the media

This is the start of something beautiful, people. The Eagles' new head coach had the audacity to make the press wait in the media room. Indignant tweets shot skyward in a cry for help.

Listen, Chip, this is the N-F-L, not the sedate environs of the Pac-12.

But wait, CBS Sports' Mike Freeman detected something else, some deep-seeded existential fact about Kelly that maybe we didn't know about when he made the jump to the NFL.

[does Bluth family chicken dance]

Soon enough, the media assumed its rightful place on the field. All was right with the world again. As for Freeman, well ...

As far as Twitter excuses go, we prefer to used the old "hacked" defense. But, no worries, at least that explains the string of ha-ha funny tweets complaining about Kelly in between these two.

About that Eagles offense

There was actually more happening at the Eagles' camp on Friday than the media being imprisoned by a frightened Chip Kelly. Up-tempo, no-huddle offenses are a staple of Kelly's approach. And things were moving fast, fast, fast on the field.

From Bleeding Green Nation's Jimmy Kempski:

On the quarterback front, Michael Vick and Nick Foles split time with the starters. Barkley got his share of reps too, but with the second and third teams.

Because it's the first day of camp and nobody's sick of practice yet, a few counted the attempts and completions for the quarterbacks. There wasn't a lot of consensus on which player looked the best, but an unscientific survey of seems to give Foles the edge.

The year of the Muscle Hamster

Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin happens to be pretty good at football. As a rookie, he ran for 1,454 yards and 11 touchdowns, with an impressive 4.6 yards per carry last season. The Muscle Hamster could be in for an even bigger year, according to Pete Prisco, who was on the scene.

Martin is running even better than a year ago. His patience is better. He is setting up his blocks better. The Bucs have a star back on their roster. Expect him to be even more involved in the passing game too.

Martin caught 49 passes for 472 yards and a touchdown last year.

Training camp etc.

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