NFL Huddle: The Rams are the Twitter police, Ahmad Brooks might be in trouble and more


Years later, the Raiders were ordered to pay former quarterback JaMarcus Russell $3 million, Ahmad Brooks might be in some trouble for a fight, Ben Roethlisberger is earning a large percentage of his $100 million deal and lots more from SB Nation's NFL blogs on Wednesday.

The Raiders had to pay JaMarcus Russell $3 million. Silver and Black Pride updates their running tally: "For those of you keeping a running toll, the Raiders had already paid him $36.4M before this settlement, making it over $39M paid to him for being arguably the biggest bust of all time."

49ers' Ahmad Brooks and teammate Lamar Divens apparently got into a fight and Divens at one point considered pressing charges, but declined. Niners Nation recounts the story, including this note: "[Divens] said this would be bad for both of their careers and that he just wanted to keep playing and that they had resolved it."

Several strippers follow Tavon Austin on Twitter and he followed them back. Someone else pointed out he was following strippers on Twitter. Tavon gets sent to the principal's office.

NFL players have had $100 million contracts before. But no one actually earns all of it. Ben Roethlisberger is set to become the first player to hit $70 million on a $100 million deal.

Is Victor Cruz worth the money that will be coming to him? Big Blue View explores.

This could get ... interesting. Buffalo Rumblings is asking its readers for their most regrettable purchase as a Bills fan. I expect lots of Ryan Fitzpatrick jerseys.

The Jaguars QB competition is not such a competition, writes Big Cat Country. "[D]oes anybody really care about the Jaguars' QB competition this year?" Valid question.

Speaking of QB competitions, Silver and Black Pride weighs in on the Raiders quarterbacks.

Darnell Dockett speaks about cutting his hair. "I'll call it like 'the rebirth,'" he said. "It's actually easier. I can dive in the water, go swimming, do so much, so this is good for me."

There is no love lost in the NFC North, Israel Idonije, former Bear who signed with the Lions, said on NFLN: "I'm looking forward to twice a year, dressing up, suiting up and getting after it on the field when we play the Bears in Detroit and then in Chicago."

Annual question: Is this the year the Titans fixed their receivers?

Reasons the NFL offseason needs to start right now: Jay Cutler's honeymoon is a news story.

Can the Bengals win 12 games this year? Cincy Jungle takes a stroll through the schedule and says yes they can.

Time for the Bucs to start winning at home, writes Bucs Nation. "Since '08, 31 teams (including the '08 Bucs) have had winning records at home only to watch the playoffs on television like the rest of us. While it's not automatic, posting winning records at home definitely increases the chances of making the playoffs consistently."

If the Patriots were characters from The Sandlot, who would Tim Tebow be? Smalls, of course.

Interesting Philip Rivers note from Bolts From The Blue: " Philip Rivers played at a Pro-Bowl-caliber level when he threw the ball in under 2.5 seconds."

This week in Derek Anderson on Twitter...

With these GMs and coaches coming out and saying their teams had red flags on Aaron Hernandez in the 2010 NFL Draft, Stampede Blue writes that hindsight is 20/20.

Field Gulls breaks down Percy Harvin and the Seahawks fantasy prospects in the video below:

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