Marcus Vick puts Twitter bounty on Riley Cooper after racial slur incident

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick's brother tweets that he wants someone to put a hurting on Riley Cooper for racism. He claims he'll pay to make it happen.

Nobody is condoning Riley Cooper's usage of racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert. He has already been taken to task for it, and should be, as what he did and said is socially reprehensible in 2013.

But Marcus Vick -- Michael's brother -- took the opportunity to voice off about his brother's wide receiver target on Twitter in maybe not the wisest way.

First of all: *piece.

Second of all: Not sure whether you'd heard, but the NFL doesn't take too kindly to bounties.

Third of all, man, Marcus Vick, stop using Twitter!

If you're not familiar, the younger Vick has a bit of a checkered past: once a Virginia Tech QB like his big bro, let's just say the "Legal Troubles after Virginia Tech" portion of his Wikipedia is longer than the "Professional Career" section. (He also got kicked off the team after a two-week stretch where he stomped on somebody's leg during a game, lost his drivers' license, and allegedly pulled a gun on people in a parking lot.)

With no football to play, Vick has made Twitter his playground. In November, he asked for the Eagles to trade his brother, making an awkward situation for his actively employed sibling. In April, he made homophobic remarks about the potential of a gay player on the Cardinals. In July, he compared the George Zimmerman trial to his brother's dogfighting case.

It's not groundbreaking to question Marcus Vick's filter, and it's not the right response to get outraged at somebody criticizing a racist. But man, this is already an awkward enough situation as the Eagles figure out what to do with a player who was expected to be important in the wake of Jeremy Maclin's injury. If the team keeps him, Michael Vick will have to throw to him, as if his racist side was never revealed. And now his brother is asking dudes to tee off on his teammate.

Marcus: just chill, man. I would tell him he needs to sit a few plays out, but Virginia Tech and 32 NFL teams already told him that, and he didn't listen. Oh, also:


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