NFL news roundup: Eric Decker in line for big extension, Falcons to have new backup QB


Happy Fourth of July! NFL news is still happening, but not quite as much as it would on the typical weekday.

Eric Decker is poised to make significantly more money than the $673,037 one of Peyton Manning's top options is set to receive for the upcoming season, according to the Denver Post.

Decker caught 85 passes for 13 touchdowns and a total of 1,064 yards last year, his third in the NFL since being the Broncos' third-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Those numbers nearly double the statistics Decker put up in 2011, despite the fact that the former Minnesota Golden Gopher was given just two more starts last season.

That added production, along with the fact that Decker's set to become a reality television star when his show with fiance Jessie James begins airing this summer, led the Post's Mike Klis to believe that Decker's in for a huge payday when he's eligible for a contract extension in 2014.

Dominique Davis likely to be Falcons backup quarterback next season

The Atlanta Falcons look like they'll have a young, high-upside backup quarterback next season (no offense, Chris Redman). The 6'3, 210-pound quarterback out of East Carolina, by way of Fort Scott Community College after a brief stint as a backup to Matt Ryan at Boston College, appeared in just one game last season.

Davis is reportedly the early favorite to reprise his Boston College role as Matt Ryan's backup after Luke McCown moved on to the New Orleans Saints and Chris Redman is long since retired. That leaves just Sean Renfree and Seth Doege as the team's other quarterback options, spelling good news for Davis as he's suddenly the second-most experienced quarterback on Atlanta's roster.

Buffalo Bills likely to have competition for punting position

It's the Fourth of July and, as such, news is a bit slow around these parts. "How slow?" one might ask -- and the answer is decidedly way too slow. As in "who's going to be the punter for the Buffalo Bills?" slow.

That's the 25th-most pressing question in Buffalo, apparently, but it qualifies for news on a day when most reporters are likely out spending time with their families in the middle of the offseason rather than looking to break the next big story.

Oh, and that competition sounds like it's between last year's starter Shawn Powell and this summer's free agent signee Brian Stahovich. They're "neck and neck in a surprisingly tight and entertaining competition" heading into training camp, for those interested in the Bills' starting punter (for fantasy purposes? Maybe?).

Detroit Lions have 90 players on their roster

The Detroit Lions aren't exactly special in the fact that they have 90 players on their roster as that's the current limit at this point in the offseason. It's been quite tricky to keep track of which 90 players the Lions currently employ, however, considering they've made 16 moves over the course of the last month.

Luckily, though, our friends over at Pride of Detroit have a nice little easy-to-read graphic for those trying to keep track of their favorite Detroit players (they also have two punters, by the way, but no word of a titillating competition heading into training camp).

Happy Fourth Of July

In lieu of a fifth story about the NFL, we figured it might be more fun to help you celebrate America by knowing that American Joey Chestnut ate a record 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes on Thursday afternoon, winning the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for a seventh consecutive time. It'd be interesting to see what the record would be among NFL players.

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