Richie Incognito allegedly involved in altercation with security guard

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Incognito was reportedly involved in a dust-up with a security guard at a nightclub before the start of Dolphins training camp.

Miami Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito was involved in an altercation with a nightclub security guard before the start of training camp, league sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Wednesday. Incognito reportedly punched and knocked out the guard at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.

According to Schefter, one person who knows Incognito said that the security guard punched Incognito first. Fontainbleu reportedly has videotape of the incident, but is unwilling to turn the tape over for fear of bringing too much attention to the issue. The NFL has not seen the tape, and has yet to comment on the incident.

Incognito's name was in headlines earlier this week as a victim of an altercation. Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith was suspended three games by the NFL for ripping off Incognito's helmet and swinging it at the offensive lineman during a preseason game last weekend. Smith's actions were fueled by an ongoing rivalry between the two players, via Schefter:

Cardinals players such as Smith and Darnell Dockett were known to dislike Incognito for the way he played. "They HATE each other," one person familiar with the two player's battles texted Tuesday. Smith felt as strongly as he did because he felt Incognito pinched players on the bottom of piles and delivered late hits when players weren't looking.

Though Incognito's nightclub incident has not been revealed until now, the Dolphins have reportedly been aware of it for some time. One source told Schefter that the reason the story did not come to light sooner was because "they've done everything to bury it."

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