NFL News: Jets in no hurry to name starting QB, Google interested in broadcasting Sunday Ticket?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season creeping closer, news around the NFL isn't scarce. Wednesday's headlines included Mark Sanchez, Google, Barkevious Mingo, Jon Bostic, John Riggins and Donovan McNabb -- a perfect hodgepodge of the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars all named their starting quarterbacks for the upcoming season this week. The New York Jets haven't, however, and aren't in any rush to do so in the near future, either.

The Jets have a choice to make between incumbent Mark Sanchez and rookie Geno Smith, but Rex Ryan told the media that he's not ready to make a decision between the two quite yet.

"I don't think it sets us back," Ryan said. "We'll let the other teams choose to name their starters whenever. For us, we're not comfortable making that decision right now. We want to have a thorough evaluation of our quarterbacks before we make that decision."

Ryan's opinion differs greatly from Gang Green Nation, SB Nation's Jets' blog, where they're all in on Smith as the starter.

It amazes me when people vehemently argue that Sanchez should be on the roster and how cutting him in the offseason would have been a disaster. Why? It feels like a stretch to say he's markedly better than Greg McElroy at this point. He isn't a viable NFL quarterback. The Jets might feel like they don't have another choice, and that would be because they really don't. There is no legitimate option other than Geno.

Google could attempt to take over DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket contract

Numerous reports came out Wednesday that Google CEO Larry Page and a YouTube executive met with an NFL delegation led by commissioner Roger Goodell this week, apparently to talk about potentially bidding for the league's Sunday Ticket package next year.

DirecTV currently holds the rights to the package that allows fans to watch each week's entire slate of professional football games, but the contract ends after the upcoming season. There will likely be considerable competition for the rights to the most popular sport on American television, but Louis Bien brought up a valid point that could make Google the favorites:

If Google is looking to enter the television market, becoming involved with the most popular American professional sport might not be a bad way to go.

Jon Bostic fined for great tackle

Chicago Bears rookie Jon Bostic is currently in a battle to replace Brian Urlacher as the centerpiece of his team's defense. That has probably added some extra vitriol to his time on the field and so he's maybe hitting a bit harder, but the tackle below looks like it was just mean -- not illegal under the NFL's rules.


The NFL decided to fine him $21,000 for the hit, however, because league officials believed that Bostic lowered his head to tackle the defenseless receiver. That news didn't sit well with Windy City Gridiron, SB Nation's Bears blog.

Here's the NFL's problem: they can't have their cake and eat it too. They can't celebrate the big hits of the NFL -- which are part of the game -- and then hem and haw about safety when they decide that they need to make sure the image on concussions is consistent. Look at that again as he takes multiple steps and advances the ball ... how defenseless can he be?

More NFL players suing NFL films for their likeness

NFL Films currently makes a decent amount of money off of using the likenesses of past players. Those players sued for some of that money in 2009, but the league offered a settlement that would funnel the money into charities and other projects designed to benefit retired players.

A few players decided to sue again, however, saying they'd rather the money be funneled straight to them rather than going through other means before they receive it. The lawsuit got bigger this week, too, as quite a few more players decided to get involved in the new effort.

In addition to John Riggins, the list of Hall-of-Famers includes Chiefs lineman Curley Culp -- just inducted last month -- Vikings lineman Ron Yary, Raiders tight end Dave Casper, and Rams lineman Tom Mack. Other notables include Pro Bowl quarterbacks Roman Gabriel and Joe Kapp.

Barkevious Mingo injury still confusing

Cleveland Browns rookie Barkevious Mingo has been dealing with a bruised lung for about a week and, unfortunately, it seems like there's no timetable for his return.

Furthermore, there's been no reason given for how the injury occurred, something especially odd since it was first reported during the Browns' preseason victory over the Detroit Lions last Thursday.

It seems to be a rather mysterious injury, with no cause given by Mingo or the team up to this point. The former LSU Tiger told reporters he felt short of breath on the game's opening kickoff and later coughed up blood on the sideline. He also recalls no heavy blow to the chest during the contest and doesn't have the broken ribs that typically accompany the blunt-force trauma necessary to cause such an injury.

Hopefully the issue is resolved soon and he's cleared for the start of the regular season.

Giants offensive lineman out for six weeks

New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl will miss the next six weeks to undergo thumb surgery after an MRI revealed that operating on it was necessary. He went through practice with the injury on Tuesday with a cast before the team decided that he'll have to go under the knife for it to heal properly.

The move has caused the Giants to shuffle their offensive line just a few weeks before the start of the regular season, something that Ed Valentine from Big Blue View explained  with more depth.

The Giants have limited options now in terms of replacing Diehl. The first would be to return Kevin Boothe to guard and insert Jim Cordle as the starting center. The second option would be to move second-year man Brandon Mosley into the lineup at the left guard spot Diehl was moved to on Tuesday. The Giants could also consider James Brewer for the left guard spot.

Donovan McNabb was haunted by stupidity

SB Nation's Jon Bois wrote a great feature on Donovan McNabb. Everyone should read it, and not just for graphics like the one below.


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