Seahawks vs. Packers 2013: Seattle, Green Bay fans don't walk away with much after sloppy outing

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

There were a ton of penalties in the Seattle vs. Green Bay preseason game, and the focus turned to a pair of backups: Vince Young and Christine Michael, both of whom played well Friday night.

All parties involved agreed that the Friday night preseason game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers wasn't the prettiest affair, but nobody walked away from the game too disappointed. Aaron Rodgers only played a series, and Seattle got the 17-10 win and saw some intriguing performances from their youngsters.

Over at Seahawks blog Field Gulls, the overall feel wasn't too happy despite the win, with the team's go-ahead touchdown coming on a Brady Quinn pass in the fourth quarter after the important players had checked out. But they weren't too disappointed with the sloppy play:

The Seahawks didn't play great football tonight. That's not alarming, as in Week 3 of the preseason the team is still in full de-kinking mode, it's just a bit strange given how well they've played over the last nine months be it regular, post, or pre season. It's not like Seattle played poorly, either but this was an ugly, arrhythmic game and ugly, arrhythmic games tend to make the teams playing in it look uglier and less rhythmic than they actually are.

The star to them was Christine Michael, who busted loose for a 43-yard touchdown run in the third quarter -- although they acknowledge he might not play much.

Seattle's backfield is composed of bionic freaks that represent a glimpse into the next stage of human evolution...All preseason I've been touting Michael as the most physically gifted of the Seahawks running backs, perhaps of any in team history. Michael has been presented as something of an out-of-nowhere talent, another diamond pulled lovingly from the rough by a Seattle front office willing to take a gamble. In reality, we're talking about an athletic marvel that won the 2009 Walter Payton Award as the best high school player in the country and whose physical feats (which include setting the all-time record for vertical jump by a running back) blew the doors off the NFL Combine. After amassing 89 yards on 16 carries in his first professional action against San Diego, Michael notched 122 on 12 touches against the Packers, the highlight of which was a 41-yard slingshot through the defense on a simple draw play. In my opinion, that wasn't even his best run.

Michael ended up with 97 yards on 11 rushes, plus a 25-yard catch.

At Packers blog Acme Packing Company, there wasn't much to read from the starters, so they focused on the man who may win the backup quarterback job: Vince Young.

The backup quarterback situation wasn't all gloom and doom, though. Vince Young cobbled together a pair of long scrambles and some short passing, ultimately culminating in the Packers' only touchdown. Young still lags behind the other passers in terms of understanding the offense. Yet the fact remains that after only two and a half weeks, Young's performance has exceeded that of Harrell and B.J. Coleman.

Of course, being Aaron Rodgers' backup doesn't mean much, but it's nice to see the guy who many thought could be a superstar finding a way to hang on in the league. He finished 6-for-7 with a touchdown, and earned Acme Packing Company's game ball.

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