NFL plays of the week: William Moore and Christian Ponder bring the hits

A king-sized spinebuster that would impress Arn Anderson and a shoulder barge headline the plays of the week.

Week 2 in the NFL was all about big hits and clutch plays, with physicality dominating Sunday's games. Here are the top five plays from week 2 around the league.

William Moore channels his inner pro wrestler


Mike McNeill is in the open field. All that stands between him and daylight is William Moore, a man he outweighs by 20 pounds. McNeill elects to run straight at Moore and take to the air, hoping to dive for a few more yards.


Moore gets the perfect grip on the TE, and makes the pro move to leave his feet to reinforce the hit. The Rock would be proud.

Christian Ponder: Unstoppable force


Christian Ponder has been given enough flack about his ability as an NFL quarterback, so maybe he can transition to fullback. It's impressive to see Ponder bowl over a defender; it's even more eye-popping when you realize the defender knocked out of bounds was All Pro linebacker Lance Briggs.

Patrick Peterson is multi-talented


Patrick Peterson has found a home as a multi-faceted weapon in all three phases for the Arizona Cardinals. On Sunday he added another string to his bow, as Peterson completed a 17-yard pass to receiver Kerry Taylor.

It won't win him any awards, but Peterson has a chance to do something few have.

Jay Clutler becomes clutch


Jay Cutler is one of the league's most criticized NFL quarterbacks, but he silenced his critics on Sunday with this touchdown in the game's final minute.

It's a deeper version of the traditional back shoulder fade, and while the defensive back plays the ball well -- he has no chance given where the ball is placed to the larger tight end. The Bears are now 2-0 and are in the driver's seat of the NFC North.

Not the top play: GIANTS CREEPER


It feels wrong to keep looking at this. OK, let's get through it quickly.

1. Dude, not cool.

2. I'm pretty sure she's either saying "What are you doing" or "Wait, who are you?" See point 1.

3. Those new DirecTV ads are getting really uncomfortable.

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