Super Bowl 2014 odds: No clear favorite among early lines

Christian Petersen

The matchup for the 2014 Super Bowl is set, and the betting lines can't agree on who should be favored.

We've got our Super Bowl matchup: the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos, so get ready to hear an awful lot about Peyton Manning's playoff struggles and Richard Sherman saying the things that Richard Sherman says. There's no fluke here, these are the two top seeds and there's no reason not to refer to them as the two best teams in the NFL.

So of course, it's time to turn attention to the betting lines. The early action has the Seahawks favored to win it all on some books, according to Jeff Sherman, a superbook assistant manager with the Las Vegas Hilton. Seattle was -2 over the Broncos shortly after the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers.

But the action kept coming in, and Seattle dropped to -1.5, as Sherman noted in another tweet. This means a lot of money is coming on Denver to win it, possibly due to the fact that the Broncos cruised to victory in the AFC Championship, while the Seahawks fought a close one in Seattle. had the Broncos opening at -1, however, and with heavy action coming in, the line moved even more in their favor at -3. According to that tweet, 93 percent of money was coming on on Denver. That's significant and matches the trend from Sherman's tweets, given that Seattle's lead narrowed.

Prior to today's games, Seattle was the favorite. The Seahawks were at +190 to win the Super Bowl, while the Broncos came in second at +210. The odds for Seattle beating Denver in the Super Bowl -- again, prior to Sunday's games -- was 3/1, with Denver beating Seattle at 7/2, according to OddsShark.

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