Super Bowl 2014: Russell Wilson recalls attending Peyton Manning passing camp

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Wilson and Manning will face off for the NFL championship on February 2, but they met long before the Seahawks QB was in the NFL.

It's hard to know what Peyton Manning may have told a teenage Russell Wilson about his chances of becoming an NFL quarterback, but at least now we know that he had the opportunity to do so. Wilson told reporters on Wednesday that he not only looks up to Manning, but that this isn't the first time he's met him.

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And no, he's not talking about their preseason matchup in 2012 that essentially sealed Wilson as the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson said that he attended one of Peyton Manning's passing camps as a teenager and that Manning took special care in teaching the attendees about football and success:

"There's thousands of kids there," Wilson said, "and I was actually in this group -- I think 12 or 15 other guys -- and just how much care he showed for the kids at the time and how much detail he always talked about and how much of a perfectionist he was, and I try to use that in my game."

Manning must have been a grizzled vet at the time, now having played 16 seasons in the NFL and Wilson being 12 years his junior. What are the odds that the two would one day cross paths again, let alone for the Super Bowl championship?

If Wilson manages to find a way to lead the Seahawks to victory over Manning's Broncos, the veteran may regret teaching the young quarterback a thing or two about how to succeed in football. His methods are clearly working wonders already.

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