Super Bowl prop bets: Knowshon Moreno crying and Omaha

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best things about the Super Bowl? Hilarious gambling.

Every year, Las Vegas and co. come out with some great prop bets to keep us entertained during the Super Bowl.

Sometimes the game takes care of us, but other times the prop bets are all we have in a blowout. Of course, the best part of a prop bet is getting to bet (responsibly) against your friends for bragging rights and some pocket cash.

Some of the best this year are the following, per Bovada:

Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the Anthem?

In Kansas City this season, Moreno was shown on the sideline crying uncontrollably during the anthem. The odds come in as yes being +400 and no at -700.  This is a great bet to try and steal some coin.

Words in the National Anthem

Renee Fleming is singing America's song, and the question being posed is will she omit any words? The line is +200 for yes and -300 for no. Again, good times.

Peyton Manning saying Omaha

This has become a phenomenon somehow despite Manning having been saying this his whole career. The line is 27.5. The under and over are both at -120.

Super Bowl MVP

This is a standard one, but always fun. Peyton Manning is the overwhelming favorite at 6/5, with Russell Wilson coming in at 15/4 and Marshawn Lynch rounding out the top three at 9/2. Maybe the sleeper here? Percy Harvin at 20/1.

Marshawn Lynch's rushing yards - 87.5

Lynch is a monster, but this might depend on how the game goes. If Manning is moving down the field and putting up points constantly, the ball comes out of Lynch's game with Seattle forced to pass. If the game is nip and tuck, Lynch likely totes the rock with authority.

Will it snow?

For yes we have +300 and no comes in at -500. If you're really feeling lucky, or have a background in understanding weather patterns, this might be the one for you.

Will the power go out?

This would be hilarious. The bet is +2500 after watching the Superdome lose half of the lights last season during the big game.

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