2014 Super Bowl: Roger Goodell, Darrelle Revis give their takes on Richard Sherman

Jeff Zelevansky

The commish and the owner of Revis Island were the latest to give their takes on Sherman's now-legendary postgame interview after the NFC Championship. Both think the cornerback could have handled the situation better. SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

Richard Sherman has been a hot topic of discussion this week after he gave an emotional and, frankly, terrifying postgame interview with sideline reporter Erin Andrews after the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. A lot of #hottakes were spouted in the aftermath, present company not excluded, but it appears we're not yet done hearing what others have to say. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and cornerback Darrelle Revis were the latest to give their opinions.

Goodell, as you probably could have guessed, took a diplomatic approach that erred on the side of his well-hewed moral ethos. He told "CBS This Morning" that he wants Sherman "to present himself in the best possible way," via Pro Football Talk:

"It's an emotional game, and you see a young man who comes off the field and he's pumped up, and there's so much excitement in the stadium, but no, I'm not cheering for that because he's a great young man, he's extremely well spoken, does great things off the field, obviously a great player on the field," Goodell said. "I want him to present himself in the best possible way, and make sure that he's reflecting on himself and his family in a positive way. He took away a little bit from the team. That was what he said yesterday. I thought that was a very interesting comment and I think it's fair."

Revis was more candid, as he should have been. During the interview, Sherman claimed that he was the best cornerback in the league, a title that Revis has been able to claim in the past. Revis took some exception, via NFL.com:

"I feel like I'm the best," he said. "Deion Sanders probably feels like he is the best. Everybody has their own personal opinion. And that is how you go with it and I think that is what makes it fun.

"(Sherman is) saying he's the best," Revis continued. "I'm saying I'm the best, Joe Haden thinks he's the best. You can go by numbers, you can go by the ball not being thrown to your side so many times, there are so many variables in it. But at the same time, we are all talented players."

Revis also agreed with Goodell that Sherman should have talked about his team's efforts instead talking about "me, me, me." He added, "[Sherman] didn't answer the question in the right way." For the record, Sherman himself agrees with their sentiments.

There should be no shortage of opinions and columns on Sherman in the coming week and change before Super Bowl XLVIII. Here's guessing Media Day will be a lot of fun.

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