Super Bowl 2014 daily briefing: Media Day has come and gone

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The circus of Super Bowl Media Day happened on Tuesday.

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

Super Bowl Media Day came and went Tuesday, and it was about as big a circus as you all imagined. Every player from the Denver Broncos and every player from the Seattle Seahawks was assembled in front of a ridiculously large amount of "media" to answer questions about strippers ... and possibly football.

Among the highlights of the day -- or perhaps lowlights -- was the backlash regarding Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and his brief appearance. Lynch made himself available for roughly six minutes before drawing back and staring at the assembled media, though he did also give a brief interview to Deion Sanders.

Lynch didn't say much at all, and that's exactly the problem, at least according to some writers. There are actually those that suggested Lynch should receive fines for the fact that he didn't spend much time talking to the media. No really, that actually happened. Rodger Sherman has you covered on the details as to what happened there -- and why it's all stupid. Very, very stupid.

Other notes from Media Day

Richard Sherman says things about stuff

Cornerback Richard Sherman drew the biggest crowd of reporters on media day and they were all ... sorely disappointed. That's because the lot of them came in there with silly expectations. Sherman was prepared and didn't offer up anything that's really worthy of a headline, so of course the headline is that he didn't say much. He apologized about the Michael Crabtree thing again, said that Muhammad Ali was his childhood idol and promised to coach up Lynch when it comes to talking to the media. Are you happy now?

Gase says it wasn't the right time to make a move

It wasn't just the players available on media day. Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase -- you know, the guy in charge of the most prolific offense in NFL history -- fielded some questions and talked about his potential promotion to head coach in the NFL. Gase said that he declined the Cleveland Browns interview for their vacant head coaching position because it wasn't "the right time." Gase said he wants to focus on the task at hand: the Seahawks. That all makes sense, but it also likely had a lot to do with the fact that another year with Manning could give him a lot more leverage next offseason.

Manning not thinking about legacy

Peyton Manning is set on winning another Super Bowl ring. This is the third Super Bowl he's played, and when asked about his legacy on Tuesday during Media Day, he said that he's "not 100 percent sure what the word even means." He said that he's "down the home stretch" of his career, but that he's still in it and not ready to think about his legacy in the league. Fair enough.

Rodgers-Cromartie backs off retirement talk

Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie backed down from comments about a potential retirement during his media day session. Cromartie told reporters that his previous comments were misunderstood, and that he'd accept a long-term contract if one were offered. Previously, he said he was "almost positive" that he would retire if the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

Injury notes

The Broncos are relatively healthy, aside from running back Knowshon Moreno. That's kind of a significant "aside," however. Moreno is dealing with a rib injury he sustained against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. He was forced out of that game due to the injury. He said he's feeling better, however, and plans to play in the Super Bowl. It's unlikely he'll be 100 percent, though.

For the Seahawks, the biggest news is that Percy Harvin continues to say he's good to go and that he'll play in the Super Bowl with no limitations. Harvin has not played a complete game for the Seahawks since being traded to the team this offseason. He missed most of the season with a hip injury and then the NFC Championship with a concussion. Doug Baldwin also missed practice all last week with a hip injury, but he's expected to resume practicing this week and be available for the game.

Number of interest: 6

Six minutes -- or just over that length -- is roughly how long Lynch spent taking questions from the reporters at Media Day. Apparently, that's not nearly enough time for many. For the rest of us, we simply enjoyed him saying the best line of the day. When asked about him being adverse to speaking to the media, Lynch said "I'm just 'bout that action, boss," to Deion Sanders. That's definitely well-said given what he's able to do week-in and week-out on the field.

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