Super Bowl 2014: Percy Harvin says 2013 was 'weird,' 'frustrating'

Harry How

Percy Harvin has had a trying season since being traded to the Seahawks in exchange for a first round pick. He'll make good on the investment if he has an impact in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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Percy Harvin hasn't had many opportunities to make an impact for the Seattle Seahawks this season. He has suited up just twice before suffering in-game injury setbacks. Harvin's surgically-repaired hip flared up after his debut against the Minnesota Vikings in November, and he sat out until the Divisional round against the New Orleans Saints, during which he suffered a concussion that kept him out of the NFC Championship game.

Understandably, Harvin told that the season has been trying:

"Man, it's been weird, it's been frustrating, it's been all the above, man," Harvin said. "I had a tough time, and it weared on me a little bit, but like I told the others, my teammates have been A-plus-plus-plus. This whole organization has been top of the line."

The Seahawks didn't miss Harvin much, given that they were able to earn the No. 1 seed in the NFC and eventually make the Super Bowl. However, Harvin was frequently the most athletic man on the field when he played for Minnesota, and was brought in by Seattle to become a focal point. While the Seahawks have won games, their offense has been relatively pedestrian compared to a top-flight defense. Seattle ranked 17th in the NFL in total offense, and 10th at 5.5 yards per play during the regular season.

Harvin's dynamism could have picked up and extra win or two for the Seahawks. That said, his frequent absences have had the unintended benefit of giving the Denver Broncos very little to scout heading into Sunday's game. Earlier this week, veteran defensive backs Champ Bailey and Quentin Jammer talked about the difficulty of preparing for Harvin. Jammer emphasized Harvin's versatility in particular. Via Pro Football Talk:

Breaking Madden

"We don't really have a lot of film on him," Jammer said on Wednesday. "We do know that he can line up in multiple positions. He can hurt teams from all of those positions so I think we'll start to prepare for him on kickoff and punt return because that's usually the first place he makes his mark, is on kickoff. So we've got to make sure we get him stopped on kickoff, but as a receiver, he's just an explosive guy."

Harvin wouldn't take the bait when asked how the Seahawks plan to use him during the Super Bowl. He should see time as a kick returner, as he did against the Vikings in November, and could be a frequent target in the passing game if his limited playing time against the Saints is any indication. He was targeted four times in 19 snaps, and had three catches for 21 yards before leaving the game.

There is no indication yet whether the Seahawks will get even more creative with the wideout. When he was with the Vikings, Harvin would occasionally line up as a running back or as a Wildcat quarterback, for example. For now, Harvin described himself as just another piece in the Seahawks' arsenal.

"You know, we already have three, four good receivers," he said. "I'm just adding to the mix. We just think with all of us collectively on the field together along with trying to stop the Beast Mode, we just feel it will be a tough time for the defense."

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