NFL roundup: Brandon Weeden wants out of Cleveland, Terrance Knighton looking for new deal

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Weeden wants out of Cleveland, Terrance Knighton thinks he's outperformed his current contract and more you might have missed from the NFL on Tuesday (now with Browns news!).

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is reportedly seeking a trade. Weeden is ready for a "change of scenery" and is looking for a fresh start at this point. After two seasons with the Browns, Weeden has been the starter off an on multiple times and has seen three head coaches, three general managers and three offensive coordinators. It hasn't been the best place to work as far as stability is concerned and Weeden will be facing an uphill battle to start in 2014 regardless. The move makes sense.

Here's what else you might have missed from Tuesday in the NFL, but keep in mind, it was basically all Cleveland, all the time:

Knighton wants new deal

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton is after a new contract. Knighton feels that he has "outperformed" his contract and is seeking a new deal. Unfortunately for Knighton, the Broncos have multiple concerns this offseason, with Knowshon Moreno, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Eric Decker about to hit free agency. Knighton was a steal at $1.75 million last season and will likely be at $2.75 million next year.

Browns promote Farmer, fire Lombardi

The Cleveland Browns promoted assistant general manager Ray Farmer to the full general manager position. The corresponding move was to fire Michael Lombardi after just one season with the team (a trend at this point). In addition to that, the Browns elected to part ways with CEO Joe Banner, who also had just one year to do his thing.

Haslam gets defensive

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was a little defensive at his press conference Tuesday. While introducing Farmer as the new general manager and the firing of Banner and Lombardi, Haslam made multiple references to owning an NFL team being hard. He insisted that the media consider him a work in progress, and that he underestimated how tough it would be.

Cleveland hires Kuharich

The Browns also brought in another face, Bill Kuharich, to be an assistant to Farmer. His official title will be assistant general manager. Kuharich served as the vice president of player personnel with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2006-08, working with Farmer. This came just hours after Haslam talked about simplifying the front office structure.

Browns have decision to make on Jackson

Farmer will have his work cut out for him trying to maintain a job for more than a year, but he's got big decisions right around the corner. Among those is a decision regarding inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson. He's due a $4 million roster bonus at the beginning of March, and at 31 years old, the team may not want to pay that. Jackson has been solid for a long time, and the Browns do have the cap room, but it's still a tough decision.

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