Kitten Bowl 2014 lineup, streaming, TV schedule and more

A year's worth of hard work, sweat and tears has led to this moment.

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

The world has experienced all kinds of cats. We've seen house cats, lolcats and Aristocats -- but since the time of Cleopatra we've never seen kittens thrust into head-to-head football battle. Until now.

Sunday gives us the Kitten Bowl. A chance to see four teams take out their aggression on balls of yarn, stuffed mice and feathers, all while running up and down a small-scale faux football field. That's not all folks, the rosters are chock full of some of the best player name puns you'll ever see.

There's a little more to the event than simply watching cats run around. The event is meant to support animal adoption, with all the competitors being rescued animals.

North Shore Bengals Last Hope Lions Home & Family Felines Cedar Cove Cougars
Bear Bandit Butters Tomcat Brady
Dandy Dalton Brett Furve Catnip Terry Bradclaw
Ferrell Owens Marbles Catony Fasano Pickles
Manti Meow Maverick Checkers Patches
Meowshawn Lynch Milo Cowhide Mocha
Mittens Mr. Whiskers Crawlin' Cat-PurrNip Hairy Rice
Muffin Oscar Feline Manning Dan Furrino
Snowball Peanut Jat Catler Crazy Legs
Shadow Smokey Midnight Catvin Johnson
Tim Teepaw Socks Troy Paw-Lamalau Chase
Rudy Tabby Romo Lucky Calico Purress


No we've established you're watching the Kitten Bowl, you need to know how. Luckily we've got you covered.

Date/time: Sunday, Feb. 2, 12 p.m. ET

TV: Hallmark Channel

Streaming: offers video content from the event, as well as a live Kitten Cam that you can tune into right now.

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