NFL salary cap projected to be $130 million, per report

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Big news has come out about the projected cap for 2014, giving many teams some great joy.

The projected salary cap for the 2014 NFL season had been set at $126 million, but now is expected to rise a full five percent from last year, making it $130 million, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

This might seem like boring business talk to some, but in reality it is a huge deal. Each team now has an estimated extra $4 million to work with, helping them to either re-sign a key free agent or go out and add another player. For cash-strapped teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, this will save them from having to cut a player perhaps they would rather keep.

The $130 million cap will be up from last year's figure of $123 million, a sign of the times. The NFL has never been doing better business, with the highest television deals in pro sports history (recently selling half its Thursday Night Football rights to CBS) and fans trying to consume the game in every way possible, from television, to computers and mobile devices.

Below is a table showing where each team currently is in relation to the salary cap, with the figure provided by Spotrac:

Team Committed Money Proj. Cap Space
Oakland Raiders $67,757,079 $64,492,921
Jacksonville Jaguars $96,517,189 $53,128,124
Cleveland Browns $105,385,546 $49,152,022
Indianapolis Colts $92,700,877 $37,907,029
Miami Dolphins $111,882,786 $36,181,214
Green Bay Packers $107,622,198 $32,198,261
Minnesota Vikings $98,781,079 $32,031,238
Washington Redskins $101,858,847 $28,141,153
Cincinnati Bengals $111,300,520 $27,362,960
New York Jets $107,728,854 $23,744,583
Philadelphia Eagles $123,494,953 $23,674,815
Atlanta Falcons $109,878,262 $23,250,938
Buffalo Bills $125,134,565 $22,667,410
Baltimore Ravens $111,352,286 $20,179,137
New York Giants $113,711,814 $16,288,186
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $120,978,071 $15,791,710
Denver Broncos $121,487,832 $14,912,168
Arizona Cardinals $122,454,919 $13,295,088
Carolina Panthers $124,051,303 $11,960,905
Tennessee Titans $126,946,608
San Francisco 49ers $122,943,692 $9,231,546
Chicago Bears $121,991,999 $8,754,728
Detroit Lions $123,769,422 $7,705,130
New England Patriots $126,762,546 $7,344,255
Kansas City Chiefs $125,589,075 $6,792,443
Houston Texans $124,892,964 $6,221,766
New Orleans Saints $125,317,010 $5,182,990
St. Louis Rams $125,682,771 $4,317,229
Seattle Seahawks $129,988,785 $2,856,219
San Diego Chargers $131,443,005 $876,336
Pittsburgh Steelers $140,275,524
Dallas Cowboys $152,226,381 -$20,945,688

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