Doug Baldwin responds to Cris Carter's criticism after Super Bowl win

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Baldwin didn't take kindly to being called an "appetizer" by the Hall of Famer prior to Super Bowl and took time out of his post-game celebration to fire back.

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The Seattle Seahawks backed up all their talking on Sunday night with a Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos, but that didn't mean they were done talking. Wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who led the Seahawks with six receptions for 66 yards and a touchdown, took some time out of his post-game celebration to respond to deprecating comments from ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame wideout Chris Carter.

Prior to the game, Carter described Baldwin and his Seahawks receiving partner Jermaine Kearse as "appetizers." Carter elaborated after the Seahawks 43-8 blowout, saying his comments referred to the fact that the two receivers were backups, according to

Baldwin, who entered the league as an undrafted agent, didn't forget Carter's remark during a post-game interview with FOX Sports 1.

"If those guys would do their jobs they would figure it out -- not gonna say any names I don't think they're any FOX affiliates," Baldwin said, indirectly referencing Carter. "If they would also do their jobs further, they would see that we are the most efficiently receiving core in the NFL. My man said that we were appetizers, he told me to Google him. I saw that he was a Hall of Famer, I didn't see any Super Bowl appearances. I would love to show him the Super Bowl ring and if he doesn't want to come and see it personally tell him to Google it."

Carter was inducted into the Hall of Fame last season but never appeared in a Super Bowl during his 16 NFL seasons. He responded to Baldwin on SportsCenter on Sunday night, offering a rather chippy congratulations."

"They're Super Bowl champions. They deserve that," Carter said. "It's well beyond that. They need to be concerned with OTAs next year when he's back to being the third or fourth guy. Congratulations tonight."

Baldwin started for much of the latter half of the season, but was put into that position by injuries to Seattle's starting duo. Percy Harvin missed the majority of the season after undergoing hip surgery last summer and Sidney Rice suffered a torn ACL in late October. Baldwin has lined up as the No. 2 receiver behind Golden Tate, with Kearse -- who also had a touchdown reception in the Super Bowl -- playing the slot.

The most talkative of all the Seahawks, Richard Sherman, couldn't help but join the fun.

"Our receivers were called pedestrian and appetizers," he said after the game. "I think if anybody took a bite out of them, they'd be pretty full."

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